Time is TikToking

This week I decided to explore TikTok. I have been wondering what the hype is all about, so I decided to check it out. Overall, I found the experience to be very interesting. After exploring the app, I realized that TikTok has created its own culture. Similar to meme culture, TikTok has its own set of unspoken understandings and content that is understood by members of the TikTok community. I found the TikTok community to be mainly a positive group in comparison to other forms of social media. It was motivating to see so many individuals using this online platform to spread positive and encouraging messages.

An article by the New York Times states that TikTok has become so popular because it ” does away with many of the assumptions other social platforms have been built upon.” Many other social media platforms have set their purpose to creating content for friends and individuals you know. TikTok, on the other hand, has the sole purpose of creating content for strangers. When you first open TikTok, a “For You” page automatically opens. These are not the accounts you follow, but rather a page curated by TikTok based on videos you’ve watched and what you have expressed interest in. TikTok is also an interesting platform as it is often videos that go viral, rather that accounts. On Instagram and other social media platforms, the emphasis is placed on how many followers you have. Although that is also a part of TikTok, it is also possible for a video to go viral from an account with a low number of followers. It appears that TikTik users have placed the emphasis on the actual content, rather than the content creators.

I also discovered that TikTok is a great place to expand one’s professional learning network. There are many teachers who are sharing their daily experiences in the classroom, classroom management tips, resources, and videos to give fellow educators a good laugh. It is exciting to see teachers involving themselves in an online community whose main target is the students. It is a great way for teachers to connect and relate to their students, as well as connect with other educators.

A list of educators I follow sharing ideas and laughs on TikTok.

I used TikTok to create a video sharing progress on my learning project. Overall, I found the app fairly easy to use. I took short clips of the materials I needed for the project, as well as short clips of stitching. Once I had done that, I added a filter to the videos and added in music. I wasn’t sure how to select my ow music from my device or from outside sources, so I used on of the suggested songs on the app. I found the app quite simple to use for what I wanted to accomplish. I am interested in trying to create more complex videos using this app and creating a video by using clips over a long period of time. Since I have downloaded this app, it has become something I check daily. Whether it be for educational purposes or just for a laugh, I can see why TikTok has become such a phenomenon and it is definitely an app I will continue to use.

As you can see in the video, my learning project is coming along nicely. This pattern has been difficult for me to follow as there are many spots in the middle that do not get stitched. I have picked up on the cross stitching technique very quickly and I will continue working to improve on following patterns more closely.

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