A small success or a great victory?

This week, I read more. Was it a lot? No. Was it enjoyable? Also yes! I have officially started Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On. One of the first books I owned as an adult (besides textbooks and cookbooks). I was given an earlier book by Rainbow Rowell as a gift when I turned (I think) 23 from a good friend of mine who wanted me to get into reading (she is loving this learning project). The book was Eleonor and Park, and she had read it multiple times, it was her comfort novel and one she re-read regularly. I have yet to read it because I am a bad friend, but I have the intention to, eventually.

The cover of Rainbow Rowell’s 2015 novel Carry On.

Some tools I have learned help a great deal is 1.) having everything I could need around me, like my water bottle, a blanket, my slippers, my phone, my glasses, and 2.) music. Sometimes I feel like my brain can’t handle silence, and it’s hard for me to motivate myself to take off my AirPods most nights, so instead of taking them off, I turn on noise cancelation, turn up to volume, and zone into my book. Having one more thing to concentrate on has made it so reading isn’t so underwhelming. I am learning slowly, but I am learning steadily, and I am officially once again hopeful for this project to be a success.

6 thoughts on “A small success or a great victory?

  1. Hi Cheyenne,
    I love this reading project! I enjoy reading, but find I never have time for it when I am in school. Plus, finding a good book is half the challenge, otherwise I put a bookmark in them and never move it again. I have a lot of books if you ever need to borrow any – a lot I haven’t read either though!
    Good luck!

    1. Haha I currently working in a high school and am constantly finding books I want to read. My problem is that I don’t like giving books back, and I also never actually read them, so I’m also going to try and learn that skill during this project.
      Best of luck on your project!

  2. Hi Cheyenne, I like that you chose to do reading for your project. I used to be such an avid reader growing up as my school had the AR program also know as the Accelerated Reader program which promoted reading by allowing us student to read books, write a quiz (varied on book length), and we would earn points and certain amount of points led to different rewards. As I grew up I found myself reading less and less. However I made it my goal to start picking up a book more often. I’ve never read any books by Rainbow Rowell, but have heard many great things about the authors. I can’t wait to check in on the next update of your project!📚

    1. Hi Kylee!
      Thanks for your reply! I think the business of adult life is what makes childhood reading so much more possible. It is so hard to slow down, especially as a student, but it’s something we all need to do sometimes. I’m hoping this skill will be useful in both a new ability to enjoy reading but also a new way I can slow down and practice self care. Best of luck on your learning journey!

  3. Hi Cheyenne!
    I appreciate readers a lot because reading is one thing I find challenging. I’d rather listen to it being read to me than having to read it myself. My daughter would rather spend hours reading books and I admire her for that. I wish you all the best in your reading journey!

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