Tackling the beast that is Canva

So this week I attempted to learn how to use Canva! Being BOTH technologically and artistically challenged, this was a beast to tackle for sure! Canva has such a massive amount of apps, tools, templates, literally anything, that it is very overwhelming to me. I decided after trying and failing at other methods, that an infographic was the best option for me to demonstrate a small snippet of my learning project this week.

The original template I chose for my infographic. I was able to search “book” to refine my search and still had dozens of options.

After choosing a theme, I was able to begin customizing it. Again, there are just so many options that it was overwhelming. There are hundreds of fonts, stickers, animations, whatever you could imagine, available. I took an embarassingly long time figuring out what fonts I might like, only to use to original because I gave up trying to choose another. I debated trying out a bunch of fonts and stickers and making it a modge-podge of all my new skills but decided ultimately to upload one that looked like an adult made it.

There were hundreds of options of stickers and themes that could be added to the infographic, as well as dozens that fit the original themes.
When adding text they have a “Magic Write” option, and I clicked “Sprinkle Fairy Dust”, and this is what it turned my text into.

Overall I think this was a success! Making a very simple infographic took me over an hour, but it was completely due to user malfunction. At this point, it ends up making the product look appealing, but it takes a great deal of time. I am hoping with time I get faster, but in the meantime, it is still somewhat overwhelming, but less so.

This is a photo of my completed infographic on my learning project.

To speak a bit more on this week’s learning project, as the infographic did not fit much text; it is going well! I was able to find a graphic novel at the library at school that I have read about half of this week, as well as still working away at the novel I have at home. I have been enjoying this project so far, but I will say finding time is a factor. I am as a rule quite busy, but I think learning to make time is a large part of this learning project. Slowing down has never been my strong suit, and learning to slow down after a lifetime of rush is a lot more difficult than originally expected, but it is nonetheless very beneficial. So, basically, we are doing well and learning along the way, because where there is a struggle, there is learning and there is growth.  I hope all of you out there are having a wonderful week and great luck on your learning journey!

2 thoughts on “Tackling the beast that is Canva

  1. Hi Cheyenne!
    Good for you for taking the time to slow down! I also have never really been great at it. You did a great job on your infographic for your first time using Canva! There is a lot you can do with Canva so it definitely takes some time to get the hang of it. I find that all the text options are the hardest part for me. I use Canva a lot for school assignments, creating social media posts (part of my job), and for making weekly meal plans.

    Great job!

    1. Hi Chayse!
      There is so much Canva can do, I am excited to continue learning it. Slowing down is very hard, especially being a chronic iPad kid, but we all start somewhere. A big issue is definitely my crippling phone addiction, but I am learning more ways to get out of doom scrolls and focus on the world around me. Best of luck to you on your learning journey!

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