Course framework/module 1

As a quick reminder, the course/unit I am building is for ELA A30 (grade 12, Canadian Perspectives unit). I find it easiest to map out courses/units using a calendar, so I have stuck to this method for my course framework (I just chose to frame it using next month’s calendar, but it can obviously be easily adapted for any month in either semester). I am also using Microsoft Teams, hence some of my screen shots being from the Teams page I’ve created for this course. Because I can only add members to the Teams page that are within my division, I will screencast my final walkthrough of the course for more detail than a screenshot can provide here. If you prefer/value videos over reading to get a quick gist of my framework & module, skip to the bottom of this post and just watch my module walkthrough video.



prototype calendar

Teams page for prototype

Module 1:

A30 module 1

Module 1 walkthrough video:

Watch hereĀ 

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