ECS100 Reflective Paper

“Even though these impacts seem boundless, the misrepresentation and consequences surrounding Indigenous intergenerational trauma holds some of my greatest interests and concerns on the topic of truth and reconciliation. In our Zoom class we briefly discussed the educational gap between Indigenous students completing post-secondary degrees compared to the rest of Canadian citizens. My main questions that come to mind while working through this course are “What is my action plan?” and “How can I incorporate meaningful Indigenous knowledge in my classrooms?”  One of my biggest goals is to follow through with my decolonizing beliefs once I enter the field, and this assignment has given me the privilege and opportunity to investigate. For the focus of my reflection I plan to unfold what I’ve learned about intergenerational trauma in our ECS100 course and discuss some ideas as to how to create an action plan towards a redressed pedagogy where a silenced population can feel unthreatened and welcome.” – Janelle Langley, 2020