Month: January 2024

My First Post

Greetings everyone! I’m thrilled and a bit nervous to dive into my first blog post. While I may not be the most tech-savvy person, I’ve embarked on a journey to update my skills and knowledge. The excitement of taking this captivating course motivated me to share my experiences and challenges with blended learning. Back in my school days, it was all about the traditional blackboard-style learning. However, in my professional career, I’ve encountered the world of blended learning. During the pandemic, schools shifted to online classes, where lectures were recorded, allowing students to access and understand them remotely. Some students opted for face-to-face classes either over Zoom or physically in the classroom.

One major challenge arose for science students (as I was teaching science subjects) who found it difficult to maintain their practical exposure through virtual classes. The absence of hands-on experiments impacted their learning significantly. Additionally, many students faced issues with devices and high-speed internet connections, hindering their seamless participation in virtual classes. In my upcoming posts, I look forward to exploring more facets of blended learning and sharing insights into how we can enhance this educational approach for a more inclusive and effective learning experience.


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