We sincerely appreciate the reviewer’s informative comments on both Anchal’s and my course profile. Your logical viewpoint from a different perspective is immensely valuable to us. The feedback that our classmates provided helped us pinpoint areas where we could channel extra efforts to enhance our course. It enables us to refine our course materials and structure effectively. Their insights have provided us with valuable direction, and we are eager to incorporate them into our upcoming course modules.

We truly appreciate the peer review opportunity that Katia has provided us, which has exposed us to various perspectives. We recognized that there were a few areas that needed improvement after looking over our peers’ course reviews. Alongside, we also got remarks and appreciation. The fact that the course is simple to use, that the main idea is apparent, that the interactive videos are interesting, and that the modules were skillfully designed for beginners is encouraging. We switched from Google Classroom to Canvas throughout the course preparation process because we felt it would better meet the needs of our students. Firstly, we acknowledge the suggestion for proofreading to enhance the professional appearance of our course profile. Secondly, we have noted the feedback regarding the absence of explicit objectives in our course modules, whereas another reviewer understood our intention to foster spoken language skills without a rigid curriculum. But the suggestion is more welcoming because we recognize the importance of incorporating clear objectives. We will ensure to include objectives in our course modules.

One of the reviewers asked, What if students join the class late? So, the answer is that in our classroom, RIWC makes sure students who arrive late are seated with peers who are at the same level. We provide one-on-one tutoring sessions beforehand to help them adjust to the regular class sessions.

Thank you once again for your invaluable feedback and support in our journey towards continuous improvement.


Access and equity


Well! The last classroom lecture was very informative, and after reading Katia’s reading, we got to know many things. Through this, we learned about some completely new prospects that we didn’t think about while creating our course profile. We can say we have considered some points about our course profile’s usefulness and accessibility for our students after getting feedback on it. Even though we’ve worked hard to make the course modules easily accessible, there is room for improvement. We will be updating the Canvas module website to improve accessibility and optimize navigation, thereby simplifying the process for students to obtain course materials. Still, online platforms have multiple drawbacks that can’t be solved, like sometimes housing things that come in front of the camera that can be embarrassing for the student, weather conditions, and many more.


In the context of this, we can see learners are getting adjusted to a new country, and they are also keen to learn a new culture. However, the class teachers always choose topics that do not hurt their dignity, and the ethical culture also, it is created in a way so that every person gets the chance to introduce themselves in front of others, it is always welcoming and makes them feel comfortable.