Interactive H5P for Literacy Classes

With a lot of perseverance, Anchal and I set out on the difficult task of constructing H5P.  We was annoyed at first because we were unable to seem to access Lumi’s functions. We have been wondering for the past week why we find it difficult to share our modules, yet our classmates seem to be sharing them actively. We started to realize how important it is for individuals to grasp the concept of technology. We overcome challenges because we were passionate about incorporating interactive into our prototype, which helps communities of refugees in areas where language problems are common. Although developing these interactive video take time, but once you have done your students can learn a lot from it. With H5P’s help, we recently uploaded a video from YouTube that shows the difficulties experienced by communities of refugees. It is certainly not easy to leave one’s beloved hometown and seek shelter in a foreign land where learning a new language is required. Here is a link please click

NOTE: The worksheets follow the guidelines set forth by RIWC and are made to be easily understood by students who use Google Translate, especially those who might require explanations in Ukrainian. These worksheets are designed at a basic level so that each student’s abilities are addressed.

Module-1 of Interactive English Classes:

How to Greet Someone

I developed Module 1 for this prototype, which teaches students how to greet people in English using both the formal and informal language. One of the worksheets in the curriculum walks students through various greetings ways. The second exercise offers a discourse between two friends. Exercise 3 explores how contractions are used in English. In the last task, students practice writing a brief message by using the knowledge they have gained throughout the session. In the first interactive video I have included MCQ. True/False and Fill-up to make the video interactive. Module 2 of prototype is developed by my friend Anchal

Canvas Worksheet 1 

Interactive video

Module- 2  Grocery shopping

Canvas Worksheet2

Interactive video



  1. Lauren Bradshaw

    Your interactive videos are great! I wasn’t able to view the Canvas content, but the Lumi videos are interesting, easy to understand (at least from my perspective), and focus on important daily interactions. (I’m trying to learn Arabic on Duolingo, and have been doing so for quite awhile. I still don’t know basic greetings or how to go shopping, which is so frustrating). The interactions built into the videos are really helpful to check the user’s knowledge.

    I had no idea there was such a long wait list for English classes – that’s so unfortunate!

    • Jasvinder Kaur

      I am sorry about tha Canvas worksheets access. I have tried to change the settings and give access to viewers but unable to do that. If you have any insights please guide. Thankyouu!!

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