Month: April 2024

Final Course Prototype Walkthrough

Hello everyone! Here is the final submission of our course prototype, developed by me and Anchal . It has been quite a long journey over the last few months, learning new and innovative technologies. As I was not initially tech-savvy, I encountered several challenges with using different platforms. However, with time, I became more accustomed to them. I occasionally faced issues with logging in and accessing certain features, but eventually, I managed to overcome them with the help of technology.

Initially, Anchal and I struggled to decide the coursework since we are not currently teaching. However, we ultimately decided to create a profile based on the voluntary work we are involved in and we chose English Literacy classes for refugee immigrants.  In my first blog post, I shared my REFLECTION and experience in online learning. I particularly enjoyed using the Learning Management System (LMS) and the LUMI interactive videos, which were new to me and quite fascinating. One of the most valuable aspects of this course was receiving feedback on our course prototype. It was a bit of a game-changer, and I have since made improvements to my course profile.

While this work is not yet complete, it marks the beginning of a long journey in this digital platform.

Here is a link of final submission. Thank you for the wonderful terms.

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