After watching Dr. Couros video,  Anchal’s and I gained insights into the various aspects of using AI and its different features. For the first time, we became aware of various websites that help in performing different tasks. He explained how AI can be used to enhance the skills and knowledge. As he also explained in the video, sometimes AI helps educators in creating worksheets, multiple-choice questions (MCQs), and other content, thereby saving their time. Artificial intelligence  integration has transformed teaching and learning in today’s constantly evolving educational atmosphere.  AI has the potential to transform education by enabling students with unique learning possibilities and minimizing administrative work. Teachers may get ideas to develop plans for lessons that are tailored to the needs of the course. With the assistance of technology, individuals can save time at work and allocate more time to spend with their family. Additionally, with the assistance of websites like ChatGPT, individual can improve their lesson planning if it is weak or unclear. The ability to create coursework can provide teachers with additional possibilities, improving the interaction and intellectual richness of class planning. From the previous feedback exercise, we (Anchal & I) identified several loopholes in the ADDIE Model, and we can improve it by using these AI tools to increase the efficacy. Further in his video he gave many ideas that how can an individual use ChatGPT in selling a product at marketplace etc. I really appreciate the example he included in the video, where with the help of AI he narrates a story to his son and twist it according to the situation.


Cheating and Academic Misconduct

When Anchal’s and I joined the university, we attended our first workshop on AI and plagiarism. To be honest, we were not well-versed in this area as we had never used any AI for assignments before. However, we have occasionally relied on ChatGPT for tasks like composing emails, crafting resumes, and other informal purposes. However, we understand that utilizing AI or ChatGPT for classroom assignments is strongly discouraged. In our course profile, AI enhances the learning outcomes for refugee immigrants. Within our modules, students utilize Google Translate to translate content and facilitate communication. They complete assignments using various tools. However, for this course profile, with the assistance of AI, students feel more comfortable and are more inclined to communicate with us.

Even though ChatGPT and AI might be useful tools for enhancing learning, they should not completely replace standard methods of instruction. AI should be applied carefully, with defined learning goals and opportunities for students to interact with the content in a way that promotes critical thinking and deeper comprehension.