As my time in the classroom was cut short due to the events from my Co-Vid 19, I find myself grieving the loss of my time spent with the kids. In passing I realize that emotions were the result of Mr. Bali’s hard work to create a safe learning space. I came into a space where knowledge was sought and new ideas were encouraged. I observed and participated in the learning process and I watched as Mr. Bali showed genuine care for the well-being of his kids. The whole staff worked hard to overcome and adapt to the challenges that were unique to the school. They tried to think out of the box for their subjects and to meet the basic needs that some of the students lacked. An important thing that I noticed is that although the staff pushed students to be their best selves, they always accepted the students as they were. They genuinely cared and so instead of a workplace, the school became a community. These were my biggest takeaway from my five weeks in the classroom and I am very thankful for the time that I had. The students make it very rewarding to be there and getting to spend time with them is a confirmation that I’m in the profession I am meant to be.