I believe teachers are passionate about their jobs so I will learn new ways to be passionate about teaching.

I will always be passionate about learning, growing, becoming uncomfortable. A good teacher strives to do these things inside and outside of the classroom. 

I believe teaching is a form of communication so I will learn how to communicate as an Educator

I will always be learning how to speak “education” fluently. The ability to talk to others in order to help them learn and understand a new concept or perspective is a language. It takes constant practice in order to be fluent and there is always more to learn and different dialects for different students. 

I believe teaching is expressive so I will express myself through my teaching.

I will express myself through my own unique style of teaching. Artis subjective and full of niche. One artist’s style and strengths are not the other artist’s strength or style. I believe that once you find your own style and voice in your lessons is when you start to become a great teacher.

I believe that teaching is a community endeavour so I will reach out to the community and keep them in my awareness.

I work to be aware of the parties in my educating community. These parties are the teacher, the student, the parent, society/the school board. Being in communication with all parts and being aware of each parties expectations and needs help me to create a holistic classroom environment.

I believe that a good classroom is balanced so I will work to find balance in my classroom.

I will always be working to make my classroom a balance of dichotomies. There should be equal parts sharing and listening, learning and teaching, comfort and discomfort, routine and adventure. The journey a teacher takes is finding that balance year after year, with a class of new students.

I believe that students deserve communication and resilience based education so I will implement restorative justice and classroom management styles in my classroom.

I will always strive to incorporate restorative justice management in my classroom. I believe in listening to the whole story and engaging consequences in order to help students to learn a healthier, more respectful behaviour rather than simply stopping the behaviour.

I believe it is important to make mistakes and accept them so I will encourage and celebrate mistakes in learning in my classroom.

I will create a space where someone’s bravery and effort is looked at instead of the success of the attempt. My students will know that their value does not come from their marks but from their effort and resilience.

I believe that anyone who lives on Turtle Island/Canada are all treaty people. As treaty people, we are responsible to learn and educate other about Indigenous history and worldviews. So, I will teach from the position of a Treaty Person

I will teach treaty history and indigenous values as my responsibility to come alongside the Indigenous peoples who have lost so much at the hands of the education system. Anyone who lives in Canada has a responsibility to know about the oppression against the Indigenous peoples. Educators must be harbingers of change.