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Tweetdeck – What a Rollercoaster!

On May 13, 2021, I was introduced too tweetdeck. This day altered my understanding of social media and technology completely. I was sitting in class, taking in all the information about what a tweetdeck was, I had a Home column, Notifications column and then Katia showed us how to add the #edtc300 column as well…

By Julie F. May 14, 2021 0

My Feeds are Being Fed with Feedly

When I first read RSS Reader I thought to myself, what the heck is that! Now that I have a Feedly account I finally understand. The first step after signing up for Feedly was to began looking through the educational technology sources. I myself decided to read the descriptions of each source as well as…

By Julie F. May 13, 2021 2

About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Julie and I am currently in my last year of education. I am beyond excited to be starting my internship in the fall and graduating in December (YAY). I am really looking forward to EDTC 300. It is my hopes to use this time to gain a new skill through…

By Julie F. May 7, 2021 1