EDTC 300,  Learning Project

ASL from 1-10

This week was not as productive as last week, but I did make some progress on revision and learning the numbers from 1-10 and some other basics. This week I was hoping to know the numbers by heart from 1-20, but I am still working on the numbers from 11-20, so I am not quite ready to share my learning of those yet. As for the other basic words I learned, I started time and date. So I can now tell the time for the most part, but again a huge part of time is knowing the numbers, and I am not quite fluent in those yet. One thing about the numbers is they were a little different then what I expected. I am used to making my threes like photo 1, but the actual sign is photo 2. The reason for this is that if the number 3 would have been the way I though, it would have been pretty much the same as the number 6.

This week I decided to try learning from an app. Now, I tried 3 different apps out and each had points that I liked and disliked.

The first app I tried was Master Sign Language. This app seemed really good. It had a good amount of categories to learn about from greetings to family to food. Unfortunately, I found that within these categories there was a very odd selection of phrases that could be learned. There was no generalization of phrases. For example, under the date and time section, the only example phrase for “I was born” was “I was born in 1911”. It just kind of made me not want to learn from it because it seemed not current. In addition, all of the phrases had picture versions of the signs, and not videos showing you how to do it. Overall, this app did not work for me. So, I moved onto the next app.

The next one I tried was The ASL App. This one was all videos which was really helpful, and the basic videos were great. It really helped me to review a lot of the signs I learned in the first week. Unfortunately, a lot of the content was not free. As I continued to search through the categories, I noticed that if I wanted to learn most of the categories, I would have to purchase the “pack”. Each pack is like a category. For example, the “more basic signs” pack had 72 videos I could watch, but I would have to purchase it. I believe it is $1.29 per pack, and with how many packs there were, it just wasn’t going to be worth it in the end. Overall, the free packs on this app helped me with the very basic review stuff and I think it is a great starting block for people just starting to learn ASL.

I decided to try out one more app. This app was called ASL Study. This one had videos for every little sign with lots of signs in each category. Out of the 13 categories, only 7 were not free, so it still gave just the basics, but it had a much bigger range than the other apps. I would have to say this one was by far my favourite. I could even slow down and speed up the videos according to my needs. I think I am going to try a few other apps as well for next week but continue to use this one for the time being as well.

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