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ASL: A Week of Review

This week was thanksgiving and a little break from classes. With that I got to show off a little bit of my learning to my family. It was so fun to show them, but, consequently, I did not learn many new signs this week. With the extra day off I became a bit lazy. I decided to only learn a few new sings including some more numbers. I thought this week would be a the perfect chance for a review. I have been focusing so much on learning new signs, and not so much on review, so this week was perfect for remembering and practicing everything I have learned so far. I thought making flashcards would be the best way to review.

Quizlet is a website for just that. You can find other people’s flashcard sets and even make your own. I thought it was a great place to keep track of the signs I have learned and I could add to it as I learn more. The only problem was that I could not import my own photos without paying for the premium version. I checked out a few other flashcard websites, but all seemed to have the same problem. I chose to use Quizlet because it was the easiest to use out of the sites I found. Also, you can search their stock photos and get lucky with them. So, some of my cards have stock photos from their database, but others do not. Instead I created a doc that contains photos and screenshots of the signs so when I am practicing and reviewing I can refer to the document for the answers.

These are some screenshots of my Quizlet flashcard set. The first 2 show how some of them have stock photos and others I just wrote the term and definition as the same thing. When cards without the photos come up, I will use my document to check my answers.

My profile on Quizlet. The arrow points to the create button.

Quizlet is very easy to use. An account is free and your can share and save your sets there. You can create new ones by just clicking the create button. Everywhere you go on Quizlet, the create and search buttons will always be on the top part.

When you start a new set you have to title it, and you can even give it a specified description. Then you can start adding terms and definitions. If you type in a term, it will also give you suggested definitions for the term, based on other users terms. You can also add photos in by clicking the image button on the right side of the definitions. From there if you want to pay you can upload your own images, but you can also search for stock ones using the search bar. (I searched ASL as an example).

Creating a new set
Adding a stock image

You can always update the set and add new cards. Lastly, you can search for other people’s sets that might be close to yours. The ones that I have seen for ASL, are pretty good, but the really good ones again require a premium membership.

Overall, Quizlet can be used as a study tool. They have an option to learn the flashcards which is really cool. Looking at it, there are review options and distributed practice options for learning. There are also games to learn like matching games and you can create your own tests to quiz yourself. It has some really good ways to make the learning fun.


  • Logan Fettes

    Although you did not learn much as you said, it is very good you were able to go back and practice the signs you’ve already learnt.

  • Brooke Striha

    It’s so tough to find free and easy resources to make your own flash cards! It’s great that you checked out 2 different companies so that you could compare and contrast between the 2! I hope you’ll be able to find another free service that might be able to help you further with ASL.

  • Paige Sterzer

    Your work is really paying off! I can’t wait to see how the final project turns out! I definitely understand how the long weekend pushed you back but I’m glad to see you’re back on track!

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