EDTC 300,  Learning Project

ASL Communication

This week was midterm week for me, so my ASL learning took a bit of a backseat. I was only able to learn a few phrases but did not get a lot of practice in. Next week I plan on creating either some Tik Toks or a YouTube video for some of my progress.

This week I focused on communication. For the most part, communication in sign language will be with someone who also uses sign language. Most likely, I would be communicating with someone who is fluent in ASL. I know I will have trouble understanding fast sign language or all of the signs someone does.

So, with this in mind, I have decided to spend this week and next learning signs to help with communication. Phrases such as “can you sign that again”, “can you sign that slower”, or “I don’t understand”.

I actually continued learning on Tik Tok. As soon as I started finding ASL videos and following the accounts, more and more ASL videos have been popping up all over my for you page. I found @eleanorgpotter who is also learning ASL and using Tik Tok to document her progress. I really liked her videos and learned from them this week. She is just like me, trying to learn phrases and words that I will be able to use to communicate. I think that is the reason I like learning from Tik Tok so much. There are people on the app who are on the same page as you and are trying to learn just like you.

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  • Brandon Rumford

    It’s cool to see the various medias you can use to use ASL. And a smart decision to learn those phrases for when you do use ASL in the real world. Maybe I will have to start looking into Tik Tok for my ASL learning as well!

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