EDTC 400

Behind the Screen of Peer Mentoring

The EDTC 400 class was introduced to this years EDTC 300 class in an interesting way. We were tasked with mentoring some students in EDTC 300 I got to contact and offer advice to several students. You can see their blogs by clicking the links below:

I was so happy to offer support on their blogs, and giving them ideas for things to add to future blog posts. I also ended up sharing a link to the lesson plan my partner and I taught to our EDTC 400 class this year. The students in EDTC were posting about teaching digital literacy and citizenship. I thought it would be helpful for them to take a look at what a lesson could look like. It worked out perfectly! I also really loved seeing what students decided to do for their learning project. I reached out to those who were learning ASL to see if they needed any resources or starting points.

I really felt that I was helping and giving support to the EDTC 300 students. It is very rewarding, even if most of the time I was just offering support of their content. I hope that the EDTC 300 students enjoyed my comments and enjoyed the class. I know I enjoyed the learning projects that most in EDTC 300 so hopefully they also did. I also hope all the awesome comments on their blogs helped them stay motivated and excited about their learning projects.

I do wish that there were a few more questions from the mentees, but I understand that those in the class were the first ones they would ask. I reached out to them saying that if they need anything, they could message me whenever. Sadly, they didn’t need much help, but I guess that is a good thing! haha. Anyways I hope that the students I mentored got as great as an experience as I did, and I hope I kept them motivated and gave some good advice.

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