New Experiences

February 12, 2024 1 By Kelsey Haas

This week I selected a tool I have never used before with is Canva. I used Canva to create a video about my learning project from this week. I know many people have used Canva and enjoy it, so that is why I wanted to try it out. When I began I needed to create an account, so I just logged in with my Gmail. I then found a spot for video templates. This is where I found the template I used. There was a lot of options to choose from which was great!

Once I selected the template I wanted I began to create my presentation. I found editing the words to be very easy. There was a background of music which I couldn’t find how to make it quieter for my voiceover. The voiceover part was very easy to do and I like that there was options for my picture to be a circle or rectangle. From here I also found along the side when you have the choice to add more text there was a selection of stickers. There are many to choose from and I found some that worked great for my presentation.

Once I completed my presentation I watched it over. The voiceover part where I was saying numbers in Spanish from 1-10 was hard to hear because of the background music. I was confused on how to fix that and it honestly just made me not want to use it again. I am sure I could have found a video online somewhere of how to adjust it, but I think the website should just be more user friendly. I would prefer to just stick with Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides or even the regular presentation templates on Canva to make a presentation as I find them to be a lot more user friendly in my opinion!

Here is a link to my finished product from Canva videos.

Canva also has many ways for it to be shown on the SAMR model. It has so many different components to it. You could create a basic presentation, a brochure, a video presentation, a video of you in your presentation, and so much more! It also ranges in each thing for how user-friendly it can be as I find creating a regular presentation was a lot more user-friendly than the video presentation. Students could use Canva for assignments. It is a great resource because it is similar to google slides in the way multiple people can be working on the same presentation at once. Which make this tool very handy for groupwork.