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First Day (Workout) Jitters

After last weeks post I was feeling very confident in my plan and I was ready to roll. However, after trying to do some more research for what exactly I should be doing these first couple weeks, with just handled weights and body weight, I quickly became bogged down with information. Not only did I have to look up half the terms some sites were using but every website seems to suggests similar but slightly different things and some just straight up contradict each other. I am also not really sure which sources will be giving me the most accurate information.

Like I mentioned last week, I managed to find my way onto fitness tik tok and this really did NOT help me try to figure out what is right and what is wrong. Also, normally I use tik tok for brain breaks but now every time I go on I just have to listen to contradicting information from people who probably aren’t even certified to be giving fitness advice (I think I need to find my way onto a different side of tik tok again).

So, long story short, I kind of gave up on trying to sort through website after website to find the best possible information and just realized I needed to simply pick one so that I can actually get started.

So, where did I end up finding my information you may ask…

I pretty much started my search over and just googled “Strength Training for Beginners” and went with the first website (that wasn’t an ad) – Strength Training For Beginners: The 5 Best Exercises (

I really liked how this website broke down strength training into 5 different maneuvers:

  • Hip-dominant (deadlifts, hinges, and swings)
  • Knee-dominant (squats and lunges)
  • Pushing movements (pushups, dips, and presses)
  • Pulling movements (rows and pull-ups)
  • Gait patterns, such as walking and running

Then, this was further broken down into simpler exercises for beginners to try which I liked.

  • Squats
  • Pushups
  • Planks
  • Deadlifts
  • Rows

However, what I didn’t like was that there were no videos or anything showing you how to do the exercises.


I ended up searching and finding another website How to Get Stronger With 7 Simple Exercises | SELF that had the same 5 exercises (plus two extra) as the other website. BUT this one has little GIF’s to go along with each exercise which I really liked! So, I finally decided that this week I will stick to squats, pushups (scared for this one), planks (this one too), deadlifts, and rows. The second website suggests 6-12 reps, 3-5 sets, and 2-5 minutes of rest between each set.

Slight change of plans or should I say scenery…

Right now the little gym in my apartment building can only have a maximum of three people at one time. I must have the worst timing because every time I tries to go down there at the end of last week it was ALWAYS full. This past Friday I had to go back to my hometown to coach learn to skate so while I was there I stopped at my parents house a took some of their hand weights so that if my gym is always full, I can still do these workouts in my bedroom – which is happened for this weeks workout (yes, I only managed to make myself workout once this week, I will do better I swear. I am aiming for 2-3 times a week).

I think for next week I am going to try and find some workout videos to do rather than structuring my own because it was very confusing and I still don’t really know what I am doing. Plus, I feel like following a workout video will also help me figure out how to structure my own workouts later on. I remembered that my new Fitbit came with a free trial of Fitbit premium and there are a bunch of workouts on there I will have to check out for next week.


  1. Trista Kennett

    I love your honestly throughout this blog! Finding workout information online can be so overwhelming, and it doesn’t help that everyone acts like they are a professional. It is great that you can check out the Fitbit app next week. I have also used a free app called “Nike Training App” and it is pretty cool (especially because it’s free). It shows you how to do each exercise, and you can also play your own music on it which I really like. Good luck next week 🙂

    • Kassia Nameth

      Hello Trista!

      Thanks for the comment and kind words! I will definitely have to check out the Nike Training app and see if I can put it to use!

  2. Laura Fiddler

    Hey girl!
    What an amazing learning project. I feel your pain trying to navigate the online workout universe but I have found a few favourites recently that I will share with you! The “Sweat App” is a great investment. It is very beginner friendly and structured if you like that kind of thing! I also really enjoy following Sydney Cummings’ workouts on Youtube. She uses minimal equipment and is also very easy to follow. Sydney gives off major personal trainer vibes and really pushes you (through the screen of course lol). I can’t wait to see what you do next week!

    • Kassia Nameth

      Hi Laura!

      Oooo thanks for sharing your couple favorites with me, hopefully they help me navigate the workout world a little better – I will especially have to check out the personal trainer vibes one because I will admit that I WILL slack off if nobody is pressuring me to continue!

  3. bsa898

    Hey Kassia,

    It’s great that you are using this project to focus on your health! I know how intimidating it can be to work out with weights for the first time. I was in your shoes once, and I luckily had good friends that were able to take me under their wing. The best advice I think I can give you is form over everything else! Start with really low weight until you feel you have mastered the form. At the gym, I see a lot of people lifting too heavy with terrible form and that is a recipe to seriously injure yourself. If you have any questions with anything feel free to ask me!

    Good luck!


    • Kassia Nameth

      Hello Branden!

      Thanks for the comment I will definitely reach out if I am feeling stuck or have some questions! Also noted, I will do my best to focus on my form first and then gradually work my way up in weight because the last thing I want is to injure myself.

  4. Sydney Kawa

    Hello Kassia!

    I found it so interesting how you found so many different websites, however, each of them differed in some kind of way. I also find this problematic as I would like to hand you some advice if you are open to taking it! I love the gym and I go every single day even on rest days just to do an incline walk, etc. I feel like if you go to the gym and perform these workouts rather than at home you will likely end up getting up to your goal of 2-3 times a week as the gym environment can be encouraging and benefit you through others moving around you, music, minimal distractions like Netflix or having your bed only a couple of feet away. I also recommended maybe sticking to just one or two websites to ensure that you are performing the exercises correctly each time! I highly recommend Pamela Reif on YouTube (for HIIT, intense workouts, at home and gym workouts) as well as MadFit (dance, gym and at home workouts). I always have the most fun with these two! I am so excited to hear all about your learning project again next week and I love that you are using these nine weeks to benefit your overall health and wellness! Stay safe and healthy!

    • Kassia Nameth

      Hey Sydney!

      I will have to get check out those two YouTube channels! I definitely hear you on the actually going to the gym aspect of it. I really just need to start getting up earlier and going in the morning because then I won’t get caught up in school work and end up not going. I honestly would think that I’d be racing out my door to go the gym considering I am constantly in my room with online school and going to the gym is also one of the few acceptable reasons to leave your house these days. Maybe I’ll use these last two points as motivation for myself!

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