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Previously on Strength Training with Kassia…..

I figured that I would start this blog off with a little recap/reflection from last week. First off, the workout I did last week didn’t seem terribly hard while I was doing the workout and I had actually questioned if I under estimated myself and maybe took it too easy but oh boy was I wrong. The day after my workout my muscles got progressively more stiff as the day went on and the second day after my workout my muscles were very stiff in the morning and then progressively got better throughout the day. I guess the website wasn’t lying when they said 48 hours recovery after each workout.

Also, as I mentioned in last weeks blog, this week I decided I would focus on trying out various work out videos. I was very excited to get going with this week because I got so many good suggestions for classmates to try out! However, there was too many to fit all in one week, I might have to extend this theme to next week or maybe I will just incorporate them in each week along with with my original plan.

Best Idea Ever!

After my first learning project post, I received a reply on my twitter post from a fellow classmate, Caelyn Hembroff, suggesting we do a virtual workout together sometime. So, we got in contact and I asked her what she had in mind as she suggested we do an online barre class together. Since this week my focus was on following video workout I figured it was the perfect fit to do this week!

I had looked into barre classes before because I have heard that they are really good workouts but I have always been too chicken to actually sign up for a class and try it out. So, trying it out for the first time online seemed perfect because it is WAY less intimidating.

When it came down to picking a time and an actual class to do for our virtual workout it was actually fairly simple! We figured out when we were both free (and thankfully we have free time at the same time so it could work) and then Caelyn sent me a couple options that she figured would be good for someone just starting out and then I picked one. It was nice that we needed for the workout was hand held weights! I actually really enjoyed the class and the occasional thumbs up for support during the workout from Caelyn. The workout moves themselves were fairly simple but let me tell you that does not mean the were easy! When I tell you my legs were already SHAKING after the warm up, I am not even joking.

Up next…

For my next workout of the week I chose to do a workout through the Fitbit app. The workout was a 25 minute beginner upper body workout.

I think I would have enjoyed this workout more if I would have been able to follow along with the video on my laptop rather than on my phone because your phone screen is just too small. I also ran into the problem of not having the right sized weights to do this workout. I only have 2 pound weights and 10 pound weights which seemed to be too light or too heavy but that being said, even with the 2 pound weights, it was still a fairly good workout.

Last but not least…

I decided to finish this week off with an “off the bike” workout from Wheelhouse Live. I picked a video called “We all start somewhere” because throughout the video there was modifications for the exercises if you needed it. I really liked this workout because it incorporated all 5 of the beginner strength training exercises that I learned about last week!

Now that I have tried a video from some of the places I was originally thinking about, next week I hope to start trying some of the resources suggested to me because there are so many cool ones!

Am I stuck in my comfort zone? Or was it just really cold outside?

So, far I have actually enjoyed just doing the workouts from the comfort of my own room. I am not sure if this is because it is far less nerve racking than going to a gym or if I just really didn’t want to have to go outside because it was almost 50 below. Either way, this is strange for me because normally I am such a go out and do things type of person (if that makes any sort of sense). This is why I struggle with online learning because there is no going to class, studying at the library, or studying at coffee shops with friends – but this is besides the point. Just working out in my room is a good start but part of my goal for this project is to get comfortable and motivated in an actual gym setting. So, I am saying it right now that I WILL go to my apartments little gym next week.

Question Time

My question for everyone is what do you listen to while you workout? Does anyone listen to podcasts while working out? I also posted this on twitter because I normally listen to music. I have been wanting to start listening to podcasts because I love the idea of them but I just can’t seem to get myself into them. I am not sure if I am just not listening to good ones or if maybe they just aren’t my cup of tea. Does anyone else feel like this or is it just me?


  1. Caelyn Hembroff

    YES! This was the best! I had a great time and am looking forward to doing another one with you!

    • Kassia Nameth

      So much fun! I can’t wait for the next one 🙂

  2. Ian Mansfield

    Awesome no job Kassia! That’s super cool that you and Caelyn had the idea to have a virtual workout session together. Keep up the good work!

    • Kassia Nameth

      Thanks Ian! I’ll be honest here, It was all Caelyn’s idea!

  3. Ian Mansfield

    Not sure what happened with the random ‘no’ in my comment ?. Trying to type fast on my phone with nitrile gloves on is not the greatest

  4. Janelle Boutin

    This was a great read, Kassia!
    There are so many online resources out there for at-home workouts and it seems like you’ve found some good ones! Working out can definitely be more fun with a friend, so that’s awesome you were able to do an online barre class with one of our classmates!
    To answer your question… I listen to music whenever I do at-home workouts! Apple music has some really good workout playlists of various genres and I can usually find one that gets me through a workout! I’ve never tried listening to a podcast before though…. might try that out!

    • Kassia Nameth

      Hi Janelle, thanks for the comment! I am thinking that sticking to music for more intense workouts is probably the way to go but I am going to try podcasts maybe during warm ups or if I am just doing inclines walks. You will have to let me know if you try it out and let me know how it goes!

  5. Sequoia Abbott-Saulteaux

    Hello Kassia!
    I love the idea of working out with other people online, especially with the climate of today. I am always a bit nervous about going to the gym right now but I love the idea of working out with other people in the comfort of your own home! I love how Twitter offers us these opportunities to connect and collaborate.
    I like to listen to a lot of “pump up music” when I work out, mostly rock and thrash but I do like the idea of listening to Podcasts, I like them on their own so I will have to try sometime, thank you for the idea!
    Keep up the great work! This is such a healthy outlet,


    • Kassia Nameth

      Hello Sequoia! Yes, doing the virtual workout is definitely the safest option and it’s great that we have things like zoom to still be able to workout with friends! Next week I am going to go to my apartments gym which I am a little bit nervous about but thankfully they have good measure in place: take you temperature before you can go in the gym, only three people at a time, mask are mandatory, there is hand sanitizer and disinfectant to wipe down equipment before and after each use so it should be fine! Let me know if you try out the podcast while working out! In my reply to Janelle’s comment I suggested that podcasts would probably be better for less intense workouts – I think I am just going to try to listen to them when I am doing incline walks on the treadmill!

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