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Once again this week in my field placement, my coop teacher played a yoga video for the students. This time, she played it at the end of the day because there was some extra time after my coop partner and I finished our lesson and before they needed to write their agenda message. The video she played was very similar to the last one, this one just wasn’t Halloween-themed. It seems like she must really like the “super yoga” videos by cosmic kids yoga because those are the types of videos I’ve seen her use so far.

Another yoga thing I have seen my coop teacher use is a breathing ball. This ball is kept in the classroom “zen den” where students can go if they need a couple of minutes to just be alone and have time to self-regulate. My coop teacher suggested that if we do a brain break in our lesson, that we could also use the breathing ball to work on some guided breathing at the end of the brain break to bring them in and ready for the lesson. Which I thought is a really good idea.

Fun Mindfulness Tool & Activity – The Breathing Ball aka Hoberman Sphere -  Blissful Kids