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In my previous blogs, I had been working on breathing exercises to help me with stress. I have really noticed that nights before my field placement have been the hardest to fall asleep because I am so worried about how my lesson will go. I recently realized that my FitBit app and watch have features for breathing exercises! So, I decided to try those out.

I first listened to a 7 min video called “unwind with a body scan ” to try and help calm me down.

Then, I still felt very anxious so I listed to a different video. This one was called “Relax with Guided Breathing.”

This video tracked my body’s EDA responses too which was very cool to learn about what that means and how it is tracked.

I found that this was very convenient since I can control it right from my wrist and look at the data right on my phone. I also feel like it did help me be able to fall asleep a bit better than if I would have just tried to do guided breathing on my own.