The Frustrations of Fundamental Golf


Over the past week I have taken the time to learn the basic rules and terminology of golf. Although I have a clearer understanding of how the game works, I have never felt more frustrated. My experience at the Par 3 was helpful yet frustrating. A positive takeaway I learned was which way I prefer to hold a golf club. Personally, I find it more comfortable to swing a golf club with my pinkie folded over my pointer finger. Saying this, I was still pretty irritated with my score as well as my putting.

Before going to the Lakeview Par 3 I decided to learn the terminology, the course layout as well as the scoring system. I learned the difference between terms such as: fairway, fringe, rough, putting green, birdie, eagle, and bogey. It felt good to know this knowledge before entering the Par 3, however I quickly realized that knowing the game of golf on paper does not necessarily help you out a whole lot while in action.

While at the Par 3 I scored over 7 on every single hole (not good), honestly I stopped counting after a while. I was getting more and more frustrated as the day went on. Looking back I should of practiced my putting more before I attempted a Par 3. My past visits to the the driving range I have focused on swinging my driver because I find it most fun; However I now see the importance of getting a feel for all the clubs. Going forward my goal is to go to the putting greens to practice more as well as put in the time to practice my swings with other clubs like my pitching wedge or iron.


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  1. What a fun learning project idea! I understand the feelings of frustration in not getting something! I know nothing about golf; I thought your score of 7 sounded good! I am excited to follow your journey! Too bad there is so much rain this week, that does not make golfing enjoyable (I assume!). Best of luck!

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