• EDTC 300,  Learning Project

    Coding a work of (Pixil)art

    For my next learning project I wanted to take a look at the more artistic side of coding and how technology is used to create animations. A GIF also known as a Graphic Interchange Format is a bitmap image where essentially has a bunch of still frames to create a moving picture. For my first GIF I used a site called Pixilart as a resource to continue my coding journey. Pixilart is a free online website which allows you to make GIFs. The site does not require an account but you can choose to make one if you’d like, for my first GIF I didn’t feel it was necessary to…

  • EDTC 300,  Learning Project

    Trying a new educational tool

    This week I used a new educational tool called Screencastify! Screencastify is a Chrome extension which allows you to screen cast which lets you use both your microphone and webcam. I had only screen shared on Zoom before so I was curious to try using a new tool to both screen share and screen record at the same time. I don’t usually enjoy my voice on recordings but I want to become more comfortable with sharing my voice on videos. This tool was super user friendly, all you have to do is hit “start recoding” then “stop recording” and Screencastify will automatically upload your video for you to edit and…

  • EDTC 300


    My honest opinion of Twitter? I am not a fan unfortunately. Prior to EDTC300 I had never used Twitter, September 2022 was when I made my first Twitter account. I never had a reason to make a Twitter account before now and I honestly could have gone my whole life without it. I found the process of tweeting difficult to stay consistent with, I do not post much on social media in general so it is a task which I am getting used to. I am consistently forgetting to post on my Twitter profile. However, I will admit that Twitter is a great resource, especially for staying connect and sharing…

  • EDTC 300,  Learning Project

    Easy as 011011

    To continue with my coding journey I decided to take a look at the Netflix series Explained. This is a series with 30 minute episodes explaining the most random things which I love and I came across an episode about coding, it was perfect! The blurb about the show was what intrigued me: “It looks at how computer code is pervasive in how it effects our lives. It looks at the development of machine code first in the textile industry and later binary code in early mechanical computers. It also discusses computer logic, algorithms, computer languages, personal computing, and machine learning.” The coding episode of Explained started with where coding…

  • EDTC 300,  Learning Project

    If this… else what?!

    This week I have been exploring a new site called Replit! Replit is a free online coding website designed to be interactive and fun which I found to be super cool. I started a daily challenge where every day I can map out what I have learned called “100 Days of Code”. The daily challenges are intended to do one challenge a day (for 100 days) but it is like a game and I got to day 5 on my first go! The challenges are displayed in a way which reminds me of playing Candy Crush… if Candy Crush swapped out the candy for codes. My goal is to finish…

  • EDTC 300,  Learning Project

    Mending the gender gap in coding

    I have never thought about why a computer turns on when I hit the power button or how my phone unlocks with the look of my face but I have always wanted to learn how technology works the way it does. Since I was little I have seen the incredible ways technology has evolved into an amazing tool which can help us do many things. The technology world is heavily dominated by men and this is why I have decided to take it upon myself to learn how to code as a woman to mend the gender gap. The Girls Who Code website offered many beginner activities which I have…

  • EDTC 300,  Learning Project

    print(“Hello World”)

    I have a little bit of previous knowledge on coding from my work at the Science Centre. In my position at the Science Centre I develop programming where some of that programming comes from a grant which encourages my team and I to develop coding workshops for elementary and high school students. Through these workshops I have created simple video games, animations and  web development using the basics of coding languages such as Blockly and Python. I would love to learn more advanced ways of coding! Technology is all around us and with the knowledge to incorporate into my everyday life I think would be super cool. I enjoy understanding…

  • EDTC 300,  Learning Project

    Hello and Welcome to my Blog!

    My name is Laura Githegi and I am a 23 year old education student in my second year and this is my first ever educational blog! My passion to teach came from my current Science Educator position at the Saskatchewan Science Centre where I have ongoing projects! Coming from a mixed cultural background, I enjoy learning about new cultures and have a passion to travel, learning about my heritage on the way. I hope to learn non-traditional ways of teaching from different cultures and bring those aspects into my classroom. Looking forward to what the future has to offer!