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Hello fellow educators! My name is Madison Iverson and I am currently a 2nd year student in the Elementary Education program here at the U of R. Ever since I was younger, I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher and help young children get through hard times just the same way my teachers did for me! So here I am, 19 years old now and pursuing that dream, and I am loving it! Besides my teaching passions, I also am very passionate about my love for dance and music, and all the joy it brings to my life! I have been a dancer since I was 5 years old, and now I have a teaching position at my dance studio I grew up at as well, which has been so amazing and a very great opportunity for field practice as you could imagine! When I am not dancing or busy with school, I am most likely spending lots of time with my close family and friends, as I am a very family orientated person and I love building close relationships with others, inside and outside of the classroom. 

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