Planning For The Future

As next semester quickly approaches, it is now time to plan for what I still need to work on to become that teacher I want to be ten years down the road from now. I have come farther this semester than I ever believed I would, yet, there is still so far to go before I enter my pre-internship a year from now. Hopefully, with dedication to my plans and investment in that future teacher, I will be able to grow even more this upcoming semester!

This upcoming year I plan to become even more involved in my community and the teaching community of Regina than ever before, and begin to make even more connections than I did this semester. I plan to hopefully find a job that is more suited towards my future career than my current job is, since this will give me more experience and be a good way to meet more educators, such as a Before and After school program! I also plan to put more hours in at the playschool I spent time at this past semester for my ELNG 200 class, since the experiences I gained there with ESL learners was super helpful and relevant in our very multicultural society we live in today, and I would love to continue working through these experiences, so I have already contacted the owner of this playschool and asked to volunteer more in the upcoming months, which I am super excited for!


Growth & Development

When this semester first began, I came in with little to no experience in a classroom, and now, leaving this semester behind, I can now say I have had plenty of field experience between my ECS 100, ELNG 200 and ECE 200 classes, making me feel like a lot of growth in my teaching skills has occurred!

Looking back to the first day in my Kindergarten room, I remember the feeling I had in my stomach that morning. I was so nervous, yet at the same time, super excited. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I was hoping for the best of course. After that day was done, I remember already being so excited for what the next seven weeks were to hold, and the relationships that I was beginning to build with the children as well as the other professionals in the school!

The first few weeks I still felt like I was just feeling everything out. I was slowly getting to know each child on a deeper level, and names seemed to come easy to me, maybe because of all the practice I have had with names because of teaching at dance. The children also came to know me better over these first few weeks, finally learning my name, as well as getting to know me in a less professional setting by simple interaction during playtime. One of my most favourite things over these past few weeks was getting to know my students and what makes each of them unique, and I honestly found myself so grateful I had the opportunity to be apart of each of their lives, even for just a little amount of time.

As the weeks went on, me and my partner both started to feel much more comfortable and confident in the position of their teachers, so our co-op began to give us many more activities to do on our own in the classroom, as well as responsibilities, which was exciting for me! I remember the first time I got to lead the class to assembly on my own with all the other teachers and how confident I felt, as well as the first time I got to read a book to the class and teach them a new letter of the alphabet! My co-op also commented to me on how much my confidence seemed to grow from the beginning, and that truly made me feel so happy and accomplished inside.

As we now move on into the next semester of more growth and development, I will always remember my first experience as a teacher at St.Theresa Elementary School, and how much that opportunity shaped me into who I am today!


Professional Field Experiences


Over this past semester I had the pleasure of interning in St.Theresa Elementary School’s Kindergarten classroom with the wonderful Mrs. Holle-Meyers, and I am honestly forever grateful for this amazing experience, since the time I spent in this classroom truly made me realize that this is what I want to do for my career someday!

Mrs. Holle-Meyers and the students were such an amazing group to work with, as well as my partner Madison, and the experience of being in a school, in control of and teaching these children who look up to you just as they do their true teacher was a very different feeling for me, since my only field experience before this semester was my classroom experiences at my dance studio, where I am not in control as I was in the Kindergarten room, but as more of a demonstrator for the children. The thing that truly made me feel so happy and accomplished is the amount of students who I got to witness grow in their grammar and vocabulary skills these past few months, which all related back to my ELNG 200 class, where we are currently learning about language acquisition and development, so it was really amazing to see it all happening right in front of my eyes, and truly put the struggles of immigrant children into perspective for me!

As the weeks went by in Mrs. Holle-Meyers room, which now concluded today, I found myself becoming more and more accustomed to the ways of this school community as well as the social norms and expectations that were known in this school, as it was a very different community than my own Elementary school, since it is a Catholic school. Teachers came to know who I was, and I came to know them as well. By the end of today, I truly felt like I was accepted as a  St.Theresa Tiger, and I’ll truly miss this first field experience of mine.

About Me!

Hello fellow educators! My name is Madison Iverson and I am currently a 2nd year student in the Elementary Education program here at the U of R. Ever since I was younger, I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher and help young children get through hard times just the same way my teachers did for me! So here I am, 19 years old now and pursuing that dream, and I am loving it! Besides my teaching passions, I also am very passionate about my love for dance and music, and all the joy it brings to my life! I have been a dancer since I was 5 years old, and now I have a teaching position at my dance studio I grew up at as well, which has been so amazing and a very great opportunity for field practice as you could imagine! When I am not dancing or busy with school, I am most likely spending lots of time with my close family and friends, as I am a very family orientated person and I love building close relationships with others, inside and outside of the classroom.