How good are my cyber stalking skills?

I like to think of myself as an okay internet stalker. I mean, when I want to find something out about somebody I can usually do it. We have all stalked our significant others in the talking stage. Usually a quick facebook or instagram search will give me all I need. If I’m feeling really adventurous I will check out VSCO and TikTok but those two platforms aren’t used as much. For this week, Barbra and I have decided to be partners.

To start, I just typed in her name on google as it appears on UR Courses, which is Barbra Paulette Zurita. Nothing definite came up, and what I did click on was in Spanish. Every person in the images was different too.

Screenshot by Me

Next I looked at our blog hub list and clicked on Barbra’s name. Here I noticed that she uses Barbra Cea as her name. I got a lot more results when I typed in Barbra Cea to search the web.

Screenshot by Me

Next I looked at her Twitter.

Screenshot by Me

Here I learned that she is taking education at the UofR and is also a student and La Frontera in Chile. From her bio I know that she is an exchange student and that would explain why I was getting accounts in Spanish. From a quick twitter search I noticed that she has mostly tweeted things related to this course. Barbra doesn’t appear to have a dominate belief, other than she wishes to be a great teacher :).

Screenshot by Me

Screenshot by Me

Her blog is very professional looking as well.  From her About Me page I learned that she is in her third year at the La Frontera University studying English. Although she studies English, she is very passionate about Spanish and she wishes to teach it around the world. Also from her blog I learned that she’s doing knitting as her project.

Her name does come up on Facebook but it is all in Spanish. Only a very cute picture of her dog surfaces.

Screenshot by Me

Overall, I think Barbara is a very professional looking individual. I could not find anything incriminating about her. She was a little hard to find until I had the right name. I’m not sure I would have been able to find her if I didn’t use out class blog hub. Barbara has built up a very professional online presence which will benefit her in her teaching career.

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  1. Jean-Paul says:

    Hello Meghan,

    I am glad to see all the efforts that you put in to have an idea of the involvement of Barbara in the internet. From your comments, it appears that it is not easy to find someone without having his full name and some indications, since others like me might share the same name with others. Thank you for sharing!

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