EDTC300,  Learning Project

Almost there

This week I finally continued a song, the Spirited Away theme. I found it difficult to learn both hands for the second part of the song so I opted for a new strategy. I learned the first part of the song with both hands and for the sound part, I focused only on the right hand. I feel like I need to practice more but because of school, I haven’t had a lot of time. I don´t want to be left behind so I’m planning on adding more study hours to my piano project. I found that this ability needs a lot of practice and maybe it’s a bit late for that but I’ll try my best.

Apart from that, I’m excited about how the song is coming out. It sounds super cute and it reminds me of the movie. It’s such a beautiful song, I’m trying my best to finish it but somehow it’s getting difficult for me to learn the song with both hands.

This week I looked for the complete music sheet because the free version gave me only the first part of the song, and I like the most the second part, so I decided to buy it.

I watched this youtube video with a link to buy the music sheets, it was relatively cheap and it was the beginner-friendly version so I think it was a great inversion. And I love this song so I was willing to pay for that.

You can watch my progress, as usual using Tiktok, it has become my preferred app to upload my progress, I’m happy when I get comments saying they like my progress 🙂 here

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