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Creating a virtual classroom in times of distance learning.

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A virtual classroom space I created.

This winter I had the opportunity to take ECE 325 Experimental learning with Christine Massinig. Christine course focused a lot on experimental learning. Although the course was directly related to education technologies through the course Christine encouraged us to explore different aspect of digital learning and teaching. Christine introduced me to a new virtual resource called a virtual classroom. I think virtual classrooms are gonna play a huge role in the future of education so I am writing this blog post to provided resources and guide you through my experience creating a virtual classsroom.

There are two main types of virtual classroom you can create. The first type is a static virtual classroom. This type is mainly used to share ideas for different classroom spaces and can act as a learning invitation. The second type is an interactive or live virtual classroom. This types allows the learners to explore the room and click on different objects that take them to different learning resources. Most of my experience is with the static virtual classrooms.

The process for creating a virtual classroom is rather simple. The first step is to create a google slide. Once you have created the slide you can begin to find images of the types of “loose parts” you want in this classroom. its easiest to start from the back and work forward. by this I mean start with the flooring, walls and windows. Then add shelving and other big items like tables and chairs. Finally finish it off by adding the tiny details like the things that go on the shelving or tables. at this point if you where to make a interactive classroom you would add links to the objects. I know this process may see like a lot but I promise once you get started it gets easier.

Thought my course with Christine I was provided a lot of resources that make building a virtual classroom much easier. One of the most important resources in creating a virtual classroom is a resource that removes backgrounds of images. Removebg is the one I used and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Another resource I found very helpful was a virtual classroom building break down. This resource provides a lot of instructional content and it also has lots of “loose part” you can add to any of your classrooms. Another great resource to use when creating a virtual classroom is Bitmojji . Using a bitmojii adds a nice personal touch to the virtual classroom. My advice on virtual classrooms is defiantly try it out. The more you do with it the easier it will become .

Here are some example I have created of static virtual classrooms


  1. Julie F.

    This is awesome! I too have made virtual classrooms. Although creating lessons and virtual classrooms are a lot of work they are so rewarding really fun to make! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Rosalie Krengnektak

    Your post was fascinating and cool. I like how you stated that “virtual classrooms are gonna play a huge role in the future of education”, this can go about showing how education has shifted to online in most colleges and Universities where thinking about today and this pandemic of how most classes are/were online. This is neat as you clarified two different virtual classroom you can create for your future classroom that best fits the needs of your students. Also your pictures for your virtual/future classroom is looks amazing and the students would very much enjoy being in your classroom. thank you for sharing this amazing resource!

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