Virtual Treaty 4 Gathering

Activities I tried at the Treaty Gathering

  • Google Earth Virtual Treaty Walk of Downtown Regina
  • A Conversation About Indigenous Entrepreneurship
  • Treaty 4 Family Feud
  • Micheal Lonechild Painting the Monarch Butterfly
  • Pesto From The Patch: Harvesting, Cooking and Reducing Food Waste

Treaty 4 Gathering Highlights

My favorite activity was the google earth virtual treaty walk of downtown Regina. I was hesitant to choose it at first but I really liked how it displayed a variety of locations throughout the city and demonstrated how they are related to treaties or the significance they have. I found this activity to be very knowledgeable. After taking part in this virtual treaty walk I feel I will be more aware of the signs of treaties I see in my everyday day to day.

Another thing I really liked about this activity was the lesson plan portion. There were a large number of questions and activity pages to follow that could be used to teach this in a classroom. The lesson plans were set in a way that allowed for a lot of adaptation making it easy to use for a large range of grade levels.

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