It is a very strong belief of mine that physical activity goes hand in hand with student development. Research has proven so, “A student’s ability to absorb more information is related to how much exercise they get. Research shows that physical exercise is also tied to academic performance. According to the article “Physical activity may help kids do better in school, studies say,” Jill Adams writes that students who were more fit got better scores on standardized academic tests. In addition, students who were more active showed “greater attention” and had “faster cognitive processing speed.” Many students spend their unstructured time running around and playing games, and time spent exercising has shown greater academic benefits than more time spent in the classroom.” (Romina Barros, Jill Adams). Below are some resources highlighting the importance of Physical Activity. Please feel free to take a look!

2018 ParticipAction Report Card

The Importance of Physical Activity and Physical Education in the Prediction of Academic Achievement.

Importance of Physical Education: Motivation and Motivational Climate