Getting A Grip: Crochet Attempt 1

I started off with the basics of crochet so that I could build a strong foundation. The first step was to learn how to make a basic slip knot and a chain stitch. After watching the video I had previously shared in my last post and a few new ones, I had some trouble keeping up since I am a very visual person and need to be able to see exactly how to do something for the first time. However, I stumbled upon this video, and I was quickly able to pick up both the slip knot and the chain stitch.

My first attempt at a slip knot and chain stitch

I decided to stick with HappyBerry Crochet’s videos as they broke down the steps in a way I could understand easily. Following this video, I started to practice the single stitch as I continued along with this practice piece. With this piece, I hadn’t intended to make anything specifically but just practice putting all three things together. I struggled a few times to keep everything together but eventually got into a good groove. There are a few visible errors but I was proud of how quickly I caught on.

Combining the slip knot, chain stitch, and the single stitch in my practice piece
The piece I am currently working on (washcloth)

I recently started my first full piece which will be a washcloth. It has taken a lot longer than I thought to get the progress I was hoping for but I have found it to be a very relaxing and fun activity. I am using this very pretty ombre yarn and I like how it has turned out the more and more I complete. 

I am really enjoying learning to crochet so far and look forward to how this piece will turn out!

4 thoughts on “Getting A Grip: Crochet Attempt 1

  1. What an awesome learning project! I don’t know much about crocheting, BUT from what I see here, you are doing a fabulous job. I’m not sure if you’re currently on Tiktok, but there are quite a few accounts of people who crochet different outfits (mainly tops). I remember seeing one where a girl was traveling to a beach, so she crocheted a top she could wear at the beach. Maybe you will get so good at it you can make a different top for every occassion! Can’t wait to keep up with your progress:)

  2. This looks so good! I love the colours you are using…very eye-catching. I can imagine this would be a long process when getting started, especially when you are still learning. But like you mentioned, once you get the hang of it, it would be super relaxing!

  3. This looks great! Fun fact: during COVID I discovered an interest in crocheting. Frankly the only thing I can make is granny squares and different variations of that but I was able to make my brother a blanket for Christmas in 2021 so that was exciting! I wish you all the best cause to be honest it is super fun!

  4. Hi Madison! I was super excited to check back on your learning project posts as we took interest in the same activity! I find that it is harder to see mistakes when crocheting than it is when knitting. I have restarted the blanket I am working on many times, but that goes with learning something new. Your washcloth is coming along great!

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