Me and Educational Technology

Hi my name is Gabby Hillis. I am in my third year of education and I am in the secondary program with a major in Social Studies and minor in Math. In my pre-internship I used different technological resources for example mentimeter, blooklet, google forms, and when I was teaching Math I used my computer to project the notes on the board as I was writing them out using a stylus. Throughout my degree I have tried to use different technological resources in my lesson plans and when I have been able to test them out in person (in front of a class) the students are usually quite involved and enjoy the different uses of technology. I understand that technology is becoming an increasingly important and useful thing in the classroom and want to learn how to use it to the best of my ability.

I had to make a blog for my first Ed class-ECS 110, I didn’t love it as it was a bit confusing to set up. However, I do understand the benefits of it and that it is becoming a popular thing for teachers to use to share their resources and journeys and connect with others. I think it is great that we are making these early on so throughout our careers we can continue to be in contact with teachers who we may never see in person. I had set up a twitter account a few years ago but never got into so I deleted it and created a new one but I’m excited to see the different professional ways to use Twitter. You can follow me on twitter here. I do believe that when people are addicted to their technology it can be dangerous to their mental state, but if we are educated and use our technology professionally and appropriately, I think it can do great things for our world. As I said before technology helps us connect to others and gives us new ideas that we may have never thought of. I am super excited to see where this class takes us and to get to know everyone.

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  1. Andrew MacPhail says:

    Hello Gabrielle, I really enjoyed reading your blog and found lots of useful information. The notion of educational technology at first came with its drawbacks, Although I certainly think that it is a very useful resource and allows for the opportunity to have a focus applied on what topics you are studying and are passionate about, for example I am a history student and knowing that I can use these online services to assist me in finding enjoyable articles is something that is really impressive and plan to us many of them for my pre internship.

  2. Julie F. says:

    Hey Gabby,
    Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself and your history of educational technology. I for one agree about finding difficulty in setting up the first e-portfolio in ECS 100. However now that I have had to make multiple sites and blog posts I am beginning to understand how to use it more and more. Technology can definitely be toxic but in the right circumstances it can be quite useful! Thanks again for sharing!

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