Beginning of my Learning ASL Journey

When I read about this learning project my mind went to baking, painting, or the keyboard. All things that I love to do and already have experience in but that I’m not an expert in. However, I wanted to challenge myself with something where I would be starting from the beginning, and that’s when I thought of American Sign Language (ASL). When I was in high school my friend learnt some of the basics of ASL and she showed us what she had learnt, which got me very interested, so I learnt the alphabet, but that’s it. I’ve always wanted to learn more as I think it will be a great tool as I become a teacher and will assist me if I ever have a deaf or hard of hearing student. The issue is that I don’t have everyday interactions in my life where I can practice sign language so hopefully if I practice every day, it will get me in the habit so I can continue with it after this class is finished. I am so excited for this project and am happy we get the opportunity to reflect and discuss our learning.

I found what I think is going to be a great resource called “Lingvano”. I set up an account and I can use it on my laptop or there is an app on my phone. I am also going to try out an app called “Ace ASL”. My plan is just to follow the plans of these resources. I know Lingvano has modules that I can go through and Ace ASL has a similar thing where there are different levels that you go through, and they also have free practice exercises. As I said before I kind of know the alphabet, but still need a refresher, so I am quite okay just following along with what these resources have planned. I don’t really have an end goal because like I said earlier, I hope to continue on with it after this class is done.

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  1. elb776 says:

    Hey Gabrielle!

    I’m looking forward to following along your journey of learning ASL! I was considering this option for my Learning Project as well but I changed my mind to something else so I’m looking forward to hearing all about it. Good luck with you learning 🙂

  2. Gledi Toci says:

    Hey Gabrielle!
    First of all, I really appreciate the idea of learning ASL and that you are taking the time to be able to communicate with everyone. As a future educator that’s going to be something very useful moving forward on making sure you are able to support all of your students. Good luck on your journey, looking forward to seeing your progress.

  3. Taylor Blake says:

    Hey Gabrielle!
    I am really looking forward to following your journey. ASL is an important skill to have and I personally believe educators should have some basic knowledge of it to create an inclusive classroom. I think it is a great skill to learn, especially when you are an educator in training. Good luck with the learning

  4. Ashley Peterman says:

    Hey! I also chose to focus on ASL for my learning project. I find it super cool that you have a friend that was able to teach you a bit about ASL already. Good luck, I am so excited to learn about your ASL journey!

  5. Andrew MacPhail says:

    Hello There, I enjoyed reading the first part of your learning journey and excited to see where it goes from here. The concept of having an understanding of ASL is a fantastic resource for supporting students with communication needs and contributes to an inclusive classroom environment. Using online technology would allow for clarification and the ability to ask different questions.

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