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In this week’s class of EDTC 300 we were asked to get an RSS Reader account, so I chose Feedly. We were also asked to follow multiple accounts that we were interested in, which I had fun doing! When I was looking through what I wanted to follow I always looked at the description. This was helpful in the few cases where the title may have been enticing but when I read the description, I realized it was not the best fit for me. At first my mind went straight to Social Studies and Math education as that is my major and minor, so I followed a few like “Math Education: Mathematics for Educators”, “Teaching High School Math”, “Social Studies and History Teachers Blog”, and “Educational Psychology News—ScienceDaily”. I then wanted some general teaching ones. I love watching TED videos so I found “TED-Ed” which I’m excited to read more on. A few more general ones were “Edutopia”, “Educational Technology”, and “Classroom Freebies”.

One that really piqued my interest is “Educational Psychology News“. They have five news articles a week and the articles are of course on psychology research in education. What I like is that they look at the social psychology side of things with articles like, “Academic Skills Least Valued When Assessing the ‘Ideal Student’ by Academics and Peers” but also the cognitive side with articles like, “Eye Movements of Those With Dyslexia Reveal Laborious and Inefficient Reading Strategies”. I really enjoy psychology and appreciate that they show both sides of it and not just focus on one. If I ever do teach psychology this could potentially be a great resource to show my students different research and findings. If not, it is a great tool to get to know general students’ minds. The next one is “Teaching High School Math“. I really enjoy this one as it gives lots of online resources, which of course is very much needed right now. As well, the author gives pictures when discussing the resources which I appreciate. I’m excited to explore more on Feedly!

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