I Believe . . .

I have included some of my educational philosophies in the form of I Believe statements. During my placement I came across this poster including I Believe statements from my learners.

The grade 1s and 2s at St. Augustine Elementary created their own educational philosophies from their learning perspective.

I Believe…

  • I believe teachers are constant learners
  • I believe all students have strengths and weaknesses
  • I believe all students learn differently and a teacher must face the challenge of delivering their lesson in a way that suits many different learners
  • I believe every student will have a different goal and a teacher’s job is to help them meet that goal
  • I believe students learn best when they feel comfortable and encouraged in their environment
  • I believe students learn best when they are exposed to many different learning times and practices as well as from different teachers and environments
  • I believe some students may learn best in their own homes and I believe in the importance of parents’ involvement in their child’s education
  •  I believe in a teacher’s ability to gain control of a classroom. Its okay for a classroom to get out of hand on occasion for a short time, but the ability to gain that control back to continue learning is an important one.
  • I believe in encouraging confidence in all students especially ones that don’t jump to involve themselves in regular discussion. I believe quiet students have the loudest thoughts and ideas
  • I believe students should be challenged but not pressured
  • I believe some students will not do well on any tests, because their mind just doesn’t work that way. And that is okay! I still believe in testing students on their abilities because it helps the teacher learn.
  • I believe students have a right to learn in a way to get the most out of their learning experience.