Topic Exploration: Diversity

For my topic exploration project in ECS 100 I chose to explore student diversity. Before I started this project, I knew nothing about student diversity. Coming from a rural area there were not many learning experiences for me in this topic. I was very pleased with my work in this project and I can say I learned a lot about how different cultures can influence a school community. 

The first article I chose was about a program that was started in Calgary called LEAD. It’s a program designed to aid young refugees in getting an education in Canada. I was truly impressed with this paper and it made me consider things about the challenges of immigrating to a new country. I only hope this program can expand until it is offered to everyone that immigrates to Canada since the program is doing wonders for refugees.

The second article I chose was about children’s literature and the shockingly low cultural representation in children’s stories. I was pleased to see that many books have been recalled or altered due to misrepresentation of certain cultures or races. Since reading the article I have noticed different cultural representations in children’s literature when browsing for books. I agree with the author that these movements for more diverse books is making a difference in the lives of children that don’t get to see themselves represented as much.