“Let’s bring back the old times: stay focused on better and healthier activities”

“Let’s bring back the old times: stay focused on better and healthier activities”

February 8, 2023 2 By Ramsel Guillermo

Let‘s bring back the oldfashioned fun without relying on the screens of our devices. Instead of spending hours scrolling aimlessly through TikTok, let‘s invite the children, and teenagers, to play some board games, read a book, go for a walk, or try a new hobby. Let‘s take the time to connect with our friends and family facetoface and have meaningful conversations. Let‘s enjoy the little things in life that don‘t require a phone or computer. Let‘s bring back better lifestyles when offline and make the most of ours. Let’s moderate the time spent using mobiles, let our youngers do other activities that are worthwhile.

There are times I would to tell my loved ones to unplug their phones, off their cameras, and enjoy some quality time together. Instead of being glued to our screens, it may be awesome to invite  classmates and friends for a picnic, play a chess board games, have a conversation, or take a walk outdoor. These are just beyond compare activities that we used to do better before the time of social media and technology. There are so many possibilities that are available to do when we turn off our phones and wifi. Let’s bring back the old times when smartphones were not still in our lives. 

Bringing back the better times by lessening or disconnecting so much dependency on technology can mean to returning to a simpler, more nostalgic way of life. This could also mean reviving classic activities, it could also mean taking part in more traditional hobbies such as community and sports activities, sketching, gardening, cooking (sorry, it should mean real cooking not the digital cooking that we usually watch on youtube and social media). It would be amazing  to see how  beautiful and wholesome activities  can be done when we go out to take part in better outdoor activities, to name more such as camping, hiking, and biking, cooking festivals and trade shows. These things I believe can bring back the old times and generating a more focused and better lifestyles. 

I like to share with you some fundamental shifts that can let us bring more ideas generated and created when we focus our brain on better activities as presented by Chris Bailey: