Technology Enhances Learning: How the “Disagree” debaters manage their successful defense that technology doesn’t…….

Technology Enhances Learning: How the “Disagree” debaters manage their successful defense that technology doesn’t…….

February 16, 2023 0 By Ramsel Guillermo

The use of technology in education is undeniably gaining its advantage over the traditonal way of delivering  lessons in the classrooms. In fact, according to Ivus et al (2020) discuss in their  paper “Class, take out your tablets: The impact of technology on
learning and teaching in Canada” that digital developments can be leveraged to
solve problems, and ultimately how they enhance the student learning experience. (p.4).

Though I voted for “agree”, as I believe technology, for instance the graphing calculator app that always helps me present graphical representations of algebraic equations   DESMOS CAlCULATOR places its great role in “setting” and “delivering” Math lessons that traditional cartesian plane can’t do quickly and neatly.  However, the pedagogical approach is taking my lessons clearer by face to face, “human” touch base, “pencil and paper” scribbling for steps by steps process  of solving Math equations are still my best teaching practices and appproaches”. When the disagree debaters presented their piece, I was very impressed how compelling and decisive they were, with strong argument stating that technology have so much distructions, ever – I myself is a user of educational technology, but I see to it that I should be the most efficient and most effective teacher aided only by the additional tools provided by technology.

Weighing the mutifarious benefits and advantages of technology in education, it outweighs traditional ways of teaching. With proper training for teachers’ use and adaptability of technology in the classroom, with proper time management how often our kids rely on  gadgets, with proper balanced of technology and teacher’s pedagogy, using technology ONLY enhances learning, BUT it never replaces the effective teacher teaching.

I feel empowered as an  internationally trained teacher, and how our learners are also empowered in the diversified types of learners in the Canadian context. Today, the 15th of Feb, 2023, I would like to share a little story being a substitute teacher  in one of the public schools in Regina. It all started  with heads up from the head of  the school, so I needed to start the day with anticipation. It didn’t bother me, however, I needed to get ready that this “identified student” in the class is troubled, and already had some behavioral comments made by teachers and subs. So along with the checking of their test papers together as a class, I saw and heard “this student” with his question and statement of depression- he said, “Oh, I didn’t get full mark 4/4, because I didn’t understand the placement of the fractions on the number line”…. So I immediately responded him with smiles and pointing to every single point on the number line, how the counting of points starts from the “0” or from left to right of the number line, (presented by photographic Exercise 3.2, that I took a picture of, sent to my email and downloaded)  projected by an overhead projector available in class aided by the Paint Software and using my “human digital“- wacom board and digital pen…. and  the boy finally said… Oh wow, the way you explain the counting in “what and how and where” in the number line is now clear to me, thank you so much Teacher Ramsel!

He didn’t recognize the powerful use of the technology tools we used, but he did ackowledge how I responded to him through the use of my pedagogical approach!

It is very clear to me that technology helps, but never replaces me as the main actor in my own classroom. I am happy to add my reflection with “The Power of a Teacher” TEDx video by Adam Saenz.

I realized at the end of the day, how we can incredibly  make a positive impact on “a day on the life” of  one grade 7 student, by using “the power, the passion and our voice of kindness to help out to anyone who reaches out” like that of student immigrant I encountered in one of the Regina Public School classrooms,  dated, February 15, 2023. He was the last to leave the classroom today, with so much smiles on his face, he bid goodbye and said, “will you be our sub again tomorrow?