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Below are some links I believe to be positive on the way to learning and teaching diversity in the classroom.

Bringing diversity into the classroom is a way to teach students to appreciate not only their backgrounds but others as well while also learning to look at something from a different perspective than they had before. This teaches them how to interact with their teachers and peers to take with them as they grow

I believe…


  • I believe every child matters
  • I believe that teachers can change the world, one student at a time
  • I believe being a teacher and a friend is important 
  • I believe that it’s okay to have an off day but never let it define you
  • I believe we need to learn more about Indigenous culture as well as the past
  • I believe parents play a strong roll in their children’s take on life
  • I believe that students don’t just learn from teachers, teachers learn from students as well
  • I believe a welcoming classroom is a healthy classroom
  • I believe all students are capable
  • I believe we learn everyday
  • I believe that we are teachers 24/7

Indigenous History

This video below discusses what happened at one of the residential schools and it shows that we need to fight to make a change for the future link explains what the meaning of Orange Shirt day is about and why it is important for everyone to learn and wear an orange shirt on September 30th each year

A very important video about Inclusive Education and how to understand is

This link helps to learn and be aware of the Indigenous land we live on as well as how we should acknowledge the land we live on to others.

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