Here are a few facts about me that might surprise you

I am allergic to cats, but I have 2. We had 3 but our cat boots passed away in November of 2019.

I have a bunny named Lily. I call her Lily girl. She loves head rubs and attention! I’ve had her for 4 years and she is the sweetest!

I never had a pet when I was younger but once I met my husband we got my dream dog, a German Shepherd, Grizzly. We saved her from a family and she is the most spoiled and loving girl ever!

I’m a small town girl

I hate fish but I go fishing with my husband and best friends every July

I like to go hunting in the winter

My sister is my best friend

I became an aunt to an amazing little boy in 2020

My favourite colour is grey

I would love to travel if I had the opportunity

I am a coffee lover. Hot or cold I’ll be drinking it

I love to read

My family and friends are my world