For the Love of Baking!

Actually, I would say I am more of a “I like to eat the baking, but not so much do the baking.” Mmmm icing (inset drool). That is why for my EDTC300 class I plan to learn how to become the next great at home baker! Now, I would say I am a decent cook… not to toot my own horn or anything, but the difference between the two for me is following directions AKA recipes. Turns out ingredients are important in baking and that is why they are listed! Haha, who would of thought!

I know I will have to start small and build my skills up. I would like to start with something easy –banana bread, no bake cheesecake etc. I reached out to the Twitter world and have had some great suggestions (and some suggestions that absolutely scare me… LIKE CROISSANTS! AHH, don’t those sound hard and delicate to make?) My goal is to potentially be able to make my own wedding cake from scratch (I have marble in mind) and be able to decorate it!

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Drip drip dripppppp. Watch us do our ganache and salted caramel drips on some of our most popular signature cakes! #jennaraecakes

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I did receive the Jenna Rae Cake Cookbook this year for Christmas as I talked to a previous student from EDTC300 who said that this was one of the projects. If you aren’t following these two twins, that have a passion for baking, I highly recommend you start! Although, hate to disappoint you! They are based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. So unfortunately, we Sasky’s don’t have immediate access to their amazing looking treats unless we try do them ourselves. I will also use online recipes to explore this world of baking! I really enjoy watching TikTok baking videos and recipes from Tasty!

I recently hosted a #pamperedchefparty for a friend and was able to load up on a whole bunch of baking goodies! They should be here soon! So, now that I have the equipment you can find me in the kitchen… when I’m not doing homework of course!

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Shana Blenkin

Baking tip #1– If you ever get eggshell in your bowl, all you need to do is wet your finger and place it next to the shell. The shell will gravitate to your finger for you to remove it easily.

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Thanks to @WebsTheFox, I will be trying to make some bagels from scratch during my process.

3 thoughts on “For the Love of Baking!

  1. Hello Shana! I am so glad to see that you have a final goal in mind to both bake AND decorate your very own wedding cake! I feel like I am the opposite of you. I find it so much fun to bake and decorate but I am not the best at cooking (I tend to lean towards salads, baked veggies, wraps, etc) rather than actually cooking dishes. I cannot wait to see you learn and grow throughout the nine weeks as I find it interesting how both of weekly learning projects have to do with learning something new and exciting in the kitchen!

    What do you plan on working on next week? Is your wedding come up soon? I hope that all of your creations turn out amazing and delicious!

    1. Hey Sydney,
      If you ever need any recipes just let me know, I would happily send you some of my favourites! Next week, I am going to start slow and maybe pace into some homemade cookies, banana bread, no bake cheesecake something along those lines. We are hopeful to get married in July of this year – (Covid has been making it difficult).

  2. Hi Shana,
    I think that learning how to bake is such a practical and useful skill to learn. Baking is defiantly a skill you can use after EDTC 300. How you ever thought of baking something vegan?

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