Twitter is Growing on ME!

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I am not “techy” when it comes to Twitter, I also never really understood what twitter was about or the hype for it. I have other social media’s, I use Facebook and Instagram often, but for personal use or sharing my love of something! Twitter, I have found is a resource and community building tool! I do believe that I will continue using it to learn from others and build resources to benefit me as an educator.

I am slowly finding people and resources to follow, learning to re-tweet, sharing what I have found and enjoying posts from peers! I think one way I could include twitter in my classroom is sharing people like Garrick Schmidt and his land based education approach in my classroom to show my students the way he teaches and what he is doing for his school and community. I also think I could use twitter as a resource for parent/teacher communication or questions. I could tweet out the students assignments instead of handing out notes and the parents could receive them and be able to ask questions back instead of waiting to write a note to me the next day. I think it would be beneficial to share resources for parents and students to read about educational resources and strategies!

Here are some great examples of how to use twitter in your classroom!

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Saskedchat was a very neat and stressful experience for the first time. I enjoyed it, but felt a little overwhelmed! I know, the next time I join a Saskedchat I will be less nervous and be able to go with the flow of engaging and responding to the questions. This type of professional development experience was different. When I think professional development, I think of conferences and presenters. I like that this type of professional development can be done anywhere and that it was free to attend. I also liked that I could engage how I wanted. I could either engage with others and their thoughts or I could include my own thoughts as well.

I will definitely be attending more saskedchats in the future! It was nice seeing some familiar names and learning from new teachers and experienced teachers. A wide range of knowledge and sharing their wealth of knowledge of tried and true tricks and resources that have worked for them in their classrooms.

Miss Blenkin

4 thoughts on “Twitter is Growing on ME!

  1. Hi Shana,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog! I agree- saskedchat was overwhelming at first and I also feel that I’d love to come back again, just takes time to get used to. I also wanted to thank you for sharing Garrik’s info- I’m interested in learning more land based education resources- I feel like where I’m at in Yukon we have almost more wilderness than people haha… This is so useful in so many places across Canada! Last thank you for the Twitter in the classroom link! So many great ideas in your blog 🙂

    Hope to see you in future saskedchats! It sure is a great way to build community 🙂



    1. I just want to say that I would LOVE to see where you lived and your beautiful surroundings (share more on twitter please). Also, its very frigid in Saskatchewan currently, so I could only imagine what you are experiencing. Have you grown up in the Yukon?

  2. Hey Shana,

    I feel like I am very similar to you when it comes to twitter and social media. I have Facebook and Instagram and check them regularly and would have to agree that right now, Twitter seems like more of a resource sharing platform, like you said. I think if you are able to get all your students parents to join Twitter or maybe they already are joined then it would defiantly be an easy and quick way to inform them of things going on but I think it is very hard to have every parent join so there would still need to be other ways, like notes, to relay the information.
    Great post and I agree, I can’t wait to join another Saskedchat!

    Take Care.

    1. I am not sure if we will ever be able to move away from take home notes that we send in the childrens backpacks, but it would be nice for quick feedback, or homework help if we had a different way of doing it. Twitter might be something I try when I have a classroom in the future!

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