DONUT Underestimate a Baker!

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This week I tackled DONUTS! I have been enjoying the website Delish for searching up my baking recipe’s. I found this super simple to follow home made donut recipe and took my butter out the night before to prepare for the next day of baking! Let me just start by saying the butter was only one of my issues I had with this adventure in the kitchen.

I got so into the process of making the donuts that I FORGOT to take photos to document the whole process (face palm). The process has been very similar to making the other “dough” creations I have decided to try this semester! Make the dough and let it rise!

Here is the process of making the donut dough

Not only did I forget to take photos to document the whole process, BUT I was done and cleaning up, waiting for the dough to rise. I opened the microwave to heat up some lunch for myself and guess what was sitting in the microwave, waiting for me?

THE BUTTER! Note to self: Double or triple check when you are baking because recipes and following them are IMPORTANT! Reflecting back I should have re-read the recipe when I was making the dough. I am usually prepared with everything sitting measured out and ready to go in front of me! I am going to chalk this up as it just wasn’t my day to be in the kitchen. I did end up adding the butter into the already made dough ball and crossed my fingers, did some google searches and hoped for the best!

Thankfully, the dough did rise! I was able to continue my donut journey and it was not a waste of a baking day. After the dough rose, I got my fiancé to help out and he rolled the dough to 1/2 thick and I cut out the shapes. I let them rise again and started to heat up my oil and make the icing recipe that is also linked with the donut recipe above.

My house still smells like a deep fryer after I fried up the donuts, but they turned out better then I was expecting after I forgot to add the butter to the dough!

Honestly, they were easier then I was expecting and I will most likely make donuts again. I will just take my time and make sure I am not missing any ingredients next time. I am so happy I choose to learn how to bake this semester! It has been a lot of fun and a nice break from staring at a computer screen. I also love how food connects people together and I have been able to shares some of my baking with family and friends!

Final product

Stay Sweet,

Miss Blenkin

Baking tip #8- If you do not have a donut cutter, you can use a drinkware glass to cut out your donut shapes.

5 thoughts on “DONUT Underestimate a Baker!

  1. Those look delicious, Shana! Those would probably taste really good with cinnamon sugar on them. I totally understand the forgetting to take pictures part – I also sometimes get lost in the making of project and forget the documenting part.

  2. Shana,
    These look so great!! I like seeing your process of problem-solving while baking. I am happy the butter did not affect your final product. I have made donuts before as well and I too was surprised at how easy it was. Yours turned out looking great! I have really enjoyed seeing your progress throughout the semester and I am excited to see what you made in the last few weeks of classes. 🙂

    1. Thanks Trista, I am super excited I signed up for a Jenna Rae Cakes Easter Cake making zoom class! That was my goal by the end of this journey was to potentially be able to make my own wedding cakes (I honestly think I will hire someone though, my attention to detail and patience with decorating is not what I thought it would be). I have really enjoyed the Learning Project portion of this class it was a nice break from always being on the computer to doing something in the kitchen, but it still be productive and counts towards my education!

  3. mmmmm, donuts!!! One of my favorite things in the world, and those look absolutely amazing! I would eat myself into a food coma for sure if I was around that amount of donuts 🙂 . Your learning project is one of the best to come check out since you always make something great.

  4. Omg Shana! I’m pretty sure I commented on a few peoples blogs who are in the kitchen for their learning project to make donuts and I am SO happy you made them! They look so good. I might have to try this out for myself once this semester is over and I actually have some free time! I’ll make sure to save the recipe you used. I can definitely relate to you forgetting to take pictures of your process. This happens too often for me *face palm*. I’m so glad you are enjoying baking for your learning project. My suggestion is for you to make some sort of cheesecake for your next baking blog!

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