CODING! There Should be a Pre Beginner Option!

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This week I tried to “code” for the first time and lets just say I was easily frustrated even on grade 2-5 beginner mode. I will be practicing more coding before I introduce it into my future classroom, that is for sure!

I started off on the 1st website, Katia showed us last week. Where you code a short scratch project. I completed my first lesson and found it pretty easy to follow and neat. I was going to create something further, but couldn’t figure out how to do it without signing up. If I didn’t have to enter my credit card information for the free 7 day trail I would have continued with scratch coding. BUT I am not good with remembering to cancel (Hence why a box of food from Chef’s Plate is showing up on my door step tomorrow. With items I didn’t choose).

Next, I went to the 2nd website she showed us and started my 1 hour of learning how to code. I decided I should stay beginner and that was a great choice for me… Well I actually could have went easier on myself with the amount of FAILS I had.

Flappy bird had my interest, but since it snowed I went with The Grinch. I learned that if you do not do something correct you will repeatedly get errors. However, I did find it interesting that this was educational, but it seemed like I was playing a game. Not only playing the game, I guess I was creating the game as I was working through the 20 different activities.

I was stuck on level 18 for longer then i would like to admit. I just could not figure it out even with the cheat helper. When I finished level 20, it also said I was “not done yet” I could not figure it out, but after some frustration with it today I decided it was time to give Coding a break.

I liked how the programs were different, on Scratch code making I was creating words and I could change their colors or functions by typing in the proper formula. On it was as if I was creating a game and also playing the game at the same time. I can see how both of these programs would be popular and appeal to students. I think if I took the time to learn it I would enjoy it and would maybe consider using it for one of my MLM business. I do not have a website for them and it would be pretty neat to create and build my own site. (I will have to work on getting passed the beginner stage of coding).

I think coding is important and students interests are definitely in the direction of technology. Teaching code or doing code in your classroom will be a fun and engaging way to enhance curriculum. I think over time I will get the hang of it and enjoy it in the classroom with my students.

Did you know Regina has a STEM program where they offer birthday parties, afterschool programs, camps, in school workshops. It is called Bricks 4 Kidz.

Here is a You Tube video just showing and talking about what you can do with coding in your classroom.

2 thoughts on “CODING! There Should be a Pre Beginner Option!

  1. Shana, there are some coding worksheets or offline coding options that might be helpful as a pre-beginner option. I did the snowman/quadrant plane hour of code activity with my students and it went great. I think one reason why is that we just learned about the quadrant plane then applied it during the coding lesson. Moving the sprite around the background was easier because they knew how to read x,y coordinates.

    1. Thanks for sharing Tina, I will have to look at the offline coding luckily I have a few more years before I am in the classroom to improve my skills!

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