Please help me to choose :0

I have two options for the learning project:

  • Crayon painting
  • Finding a cheaper way to live

Let me introduce them respectively.

  • Crayon painting:
Crayon painting

Garden in the night. Painted by me on Mar 31st.

This is about using SOFT oil pastels and painting knives to produce solid paintings. It is like oil painting but instead of using liquid paint, we should use pastel sticks. This kind of paint is special for its three-dimensional looking because oil paintings are flat. As pastels are solid, we often need to melt them and then apply a thick layer on the paper, or we can reshape them(look at the white moon in the picture above).

I feel relaxed when I melt pastels and during the painting process. If I choose this option, I will focus on teaching people how to do it. However, as I am an amateur, my learning project will also include some practice in painting, for example, I could try to blend colors.

  • Find a cheaper way to live:
Hand putting coins in a jar. Saving money concept and save money to support everything in life with sun light bokeh background.On wooden table.

Photo by Mongkol on Adobe Stock

I am an international student and find the exchange rate overwhelming. I currently have no jobs and rely on limited money to live. Therefore, I strive to live economically. If I choose this as a learning project, I will focus on teaching people how to save money. For example, I find some flyers from Walmart and post them here (will it make my post look like an advertisement??)I will summarize some perspectives I will dig into if I choose this topic:

  1. Living-how to rent a house with little money?
  2. Eating-which one is more money-saving, self-cooking or take-outs?
  3. Learning-how to find free online learning material instead of buying expensive new textbooks?
  4. Relaxing- for girls, when and how to buy makeup is the most money-saving way? for boys, where to find the most valuable vouchers for upcoming trips?

The second one will be more practical than the first one because everyone in Regina can refer to it if you want to save money. However, “find a cheaper way to live” tend to be the area of researching instead of learning something. I am so torn…It will be nice if you could help me to decide?


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6 Responses to Please help me to choose :0

  1. I love both the ideas! The crayon painting might be perfect for during the term as something to do to relax and destress from the craziness of school as it picks up more!

    • Yiquan says:

      Hi Meghan! After looking at your comments,I begin to think about including crayon painting into my pre-internship lesson plan!

  2. jones13r says:

    These are both great ideas.. I would be interested in reading either of them. I think that saving money would be interesting to read about. (Not helpful… now you have one of each answer… LOL)

  3. Kaelynn L says:

    Hey! I’m not sure if you’ve chosen a topic yet, but like the others have mentioned I love both options. I believe either way you choose to go would make a really great project. While I was looking for a twitter resource I stumbled across a money-saving article about resources one can use within the classroom. I wanted to share it with you in case you’d be interested in checking it out or find it useful for your learning project.

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