An amateur teacher asks, “What do we need in crayon paintings?”

I made a video for the learning project. Because I dream of becoming a video blogger, I pretend I am the one who is good at crayon painting in this video, actually, I am!

In the video, I share 7 tools in crayon paintings. There are two captions for the bilingual audiences because I am one of them and find the automated caption inaccurate.

Anyway, please enjoy!

There are 7 tools we need in crayon paintings. They are:

  • Oil Pastels/Crayons

To have a three-dimensional feeling, we need crayons to be creamy and soft.

  • Lighter/Hair dryer & Vaseline/Lip gel

    We use them to melt oil pastels to make them soft and creamy.

  • Sketch Paper & Painting Knives

    This is a 10×10 cm size which is cute and easy to fill up with colors. Scatch paper is thicker than print paper and makes pigments stay for a long time.


Knives are in various shapes to mold the melting crayons. My dog? broke their handles!

  • Optional tools: A mat/newspaper/glass surface & Masking tape

    Prepare an easy-to-clean surface when we paint, because the oil colors may ruin the table. The masking tape is to leave some cute white spaces on our painting for an aesthetic purpose.

    Here are oil pastels of different brands for you to choose from. I link each brand name to an Amazon item so you can click and buy!  I will also list their characteristics.

  • Pental Arts: the firmest/budget-friendly (50 sticks for $15.73).
  • Mungyo Gallery Soft Oil: can apply to many surfaces/ small in size/ easier to blend than Pental Arts oil pastels/ 48 sticks for $35.48).
  • Paul Ruben Oil Pastel: very creamy(I use this brand, highly recommended)/ do not need lighter to melt it/ 48 sticks for $39.98).
  • The Sennelier Oil Pastel: creamy as lipsticks/ the most expensive (24 sticks for $65.41).

I learned the characteristics of Pental Arts, Mungyo Gallery Soft Oil, and The Sennelier Oil Pastel from this video↓:

Here are the buying links to other tools:

  • Knives set
  • Masking tape

    What I am gonna do in the next project?

  • show different colors in my crayon set
  • introduce the foundational colors

    Thank you for reading this post!❤

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3 Responses to An amateur teacher asks, “What do we need in crayon paintings?”

  1. Robyn Jones says:

    I would like to try this sometime.. I like the pictures you have used of the different tools, and also the links to amazon so that you can purchase the things you need without looking! 🙂

  2. Laura Githegi says:

    Woah this looks like so much fun! Never thought of painting with crayons before but now I think I am going to have to try it. Looking forward to what you will create:)

  3. Jozelle Sumat says:

    This is really cool! Good luck with your upcoming projects! can’t wait to see them!

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