Who I am?


My name is Yiquan Dong. I am in my fourth year in the secondary education program at the University of Regina. My major is English and my minor is Creative Tech Music. At first, I chose Instrumental music as my minor because I learned a few techniques for playing the piano. The reason I switched my minor is that tech music does not require too much prior knowledge. You are not required to know any music theory and you can make music freely with an Ipad or other keyboards. I love creativity without any restrictions, although my education teacher taught me that proper restrictions can help inspire creativity. If you are interested, here is a video featuring I am playing background music for my favorite video game Plants vs. Zombies. In my spare time, I like watching movies and sleeping. My favorite movie is the series of the Lord of the Rings because they are long enough to let the audience have an immersive experience in the virtual world of Middle-earth. I am good at sewing, here is the Christmas gift I made for my friend:

Soft gift made of wool

Made of wool. Very soft. I used a needle to make wool into a ball. This rewarding work requires time.

I am also good at cooking cuisines because my dog loves eating. For his health, I tried to cook various dishes to balance the vitamins he needs.

Pickle and computer Pickle.

My connection with educational technology

I love incorporating technology into traditional English language classrooms. Why? Reading articles to learn is boring. If we integrate some games into learning, wouldn’t it be fun? I had one lesson plan for Grade 11 students to know the history of the Inuit people. In this plan, I used a game called Never Alone as the learning material. Although I have not practiced this lesson plan, I believe students will like it.

Thoughts on Blogging

It is good to have creativity, but there should be some restrictions. I wish I can format this professional blog in an organized way.



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  1. jones13r says:

    There are Inuit people in my immediate family! Creative Tech music sounds interesting. i love music, but I don’t have very much time for it anymore.

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