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Keeping it Reel

This week was all about trying new things. From learning to use a (very simple) pattern, sewing more than just straight seems, to using a brand new program to put together a video, I had a lot of learning to do!

Jumping Right In

This week I attempted to make a face mask. Very topical, very useful, but not simple.

I followed the steps that were laid out in this post by Crazy Little Projects but I made my own pattern by tracing a mask with a shape that I like and have found fits me the best.

The first thing that I needed to do was trace the mask and cut out the pattern, this was definitely the easiest part. Then it was time to pick out my fabric, I went with some gray cotton, and cut out four identical pieces following my pattern. Finally, it was time to get sewing!

I actually found it a bit easier to sew consistent seams when they were curved, which was a pretty massive shock. I assumed that it would be much harder than sewing straight seams, but that wasn’t the case.

The main challenge that I had run into was sewing the two halves of my mask together, I had to pin and re-pin at least a dozen times, and then I also had to figure out how to add in my elastics without them becoming uneven. I got there eventually but it took up an insane amount of time. Once I had everything pinned into place, it was just a matter of finishing everything up.

The final product turned out pretty well if I do say so myself!

Using Animoto

I also, as you can tell from the above video, tried out a new video editor this week. Up until now I have been using iMovie one my phone, but this week I decided to try out Animoto. I liked a lot of things about this program, but I did not really like this software for this particular project. There are tons of really pretty templates, a lot of great background tracks, and the whole software is really easy to navigate and use.


I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t add multiple video clips to each slide/scene, because for a project like this where I am mostly using videos to show what is happening it makes it a little bit tougher. I can definitely see myself continuing to use this program in my teaching practice whenever I am teaching lessons to add another level of differentiation for my students. I also think that it would be a great resource for older students who are needing to create class presentations or videos. The different scene and transition options are dynamic and eye catching so if you were using primarily text or images I think that this is a great option.

Next Week…

I will be tackling the mask once again. Even though this one turned out well, there are definitely some spots that are not up to par, and I definitely have some adjustments and considerations that I would like to take into account and attempt again.

Be sure to keep an eye on my twitter to see how things go next time!


  • Ciera Romanow

    Hello Abby!
    I loved watching your video and your process on making your own mask. This is such a useful thing to learn, especially since we are so dependent on them. I would love to learn how to sew and make my own mask so I could come up with one that does not fog up my glasses.
    I am excited to see the next mask you create and how you adjusted it to make it work for you!

  • Payge Langmo

    Hi Abby! I love your video! I am so intrigued by the process of sewing and watching simple pieces of fabric come together so nicely! Having the ability to make your own masks is a huge asset, especially with the times that we’re currently in! I’m so excited to continue watching what you create through the rest of this project! Good luck with next week’s mask!

  • Kara Miskolczi

    I love your video. You do an awesome job showing how far you have come on your learning project. I also like how you reviewed the editing software you were using. It is nice to see how you made your video and what you liked about it. I also love how you were making masks. My friend sews and sells her masks, so that could always be something you could start doing for fun! I know how everyone is always looking for cute masks.

  • Sarah Stroeder

    Hi Abby! Your mask looks amazing! If I happened to walk past you wearing that at the store, I would never guess that you made it yourself. It is really great to see how much you have progressed since the beginning of the semester when you were just learning how to work the sewing machine! I remember when I was doing my learning project, I always found websites and YouTube videos to be the easiest places to learn from. I am wondering if you have looked to see if there is any content on social media you could try learning from for a week. I’m sure sewing isn’t a hugely popular topic on social media; however, it would be cool to see if you could find a few accounts with some sewing ideas/inspiration! Just a thought 🙂 Great video by the way!

  • Maya Rosenberg

    Hi Abbey, thanks for sharing! This is an awesome, creative and such a practical project! The video is so well done and I love especially how you organized the blocks in it and the transitions. Plus the color themes! Well done!

    Looking forward to seeing how the next blog comes together!


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