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    Reflecting on a Changed World

    In Michael Wesch's Lecture "An anthropological introduction to youtube." He discusses the increase in content and ability to connect with people at a rate never seen before because of the internet. He talks about how simple it is for regular people to put content out and connect with people from all walks of life and all across the world.

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    Hanging by a Thread

    One of the main goals I had for this learning project was to eventually be able to create clothing for myself. I have limited material so I’m a bit limited in what I can create. I decided that I would start off simple, create something that didn’t take too much material, and create a pair of shorts. Up until this point, most of my creations have been functional, if not very pretty, and so I figured that if I do my research and follow a video, I would be able to do the same with a simple pair of shorts, right? Wrong. This was the first time that I have…

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    Pin There Done That

    Making a Mask: Take Two If last week was all about trying something new, this week is all about doing more of the same! Instead of moving on to something new, I decided to make another and try to perfect the mask that I created last week. If you haven’t, check out my post from last week to get a better idea about what I’m going to be covering today. This go around, I made some tweaks to the pattern and the process that I think helped make everything go more smoothly and turn out better than my first attempt. The Changes With my last mask, the main problems that…

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    Keeping it Reel

    This week was all about trying new things. From learning to use a (very simple) pattern, sewing more than just straight seems, to using a brand new program to put together a video, I had a lot of learning to do! Jumping Right In This week I attempted to make a face mask. Very topical, very useful, but not simple. I followed the steps that were laid out in this post by Crazy Little Projects but I made my own pattern by tracing a mask with a shape that I like and have found fits me the best. The first thing that I needed to do was trace the mask…

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    Sew Much to do Sew Little Time

    I am finally catching up on my learning project, and getting this third post out. These last two weeks threw a bit of a wrench into my schedule for this project and it caused a standstill for a while. Two weeks ago we set up a space for the sewing machine in our guest room/office, I was looking forward to being able to have a designated space for this project! Then one of my Mom’s students tested positive for COVID and she had to self isolate. Fortunately, the rest of the family was able to go about our daily lives, IF she stayed in the guest room completely separate from…

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    Talking about Twitter

    In my very first blog post, I mention being a little bit social media averse. I have a lot of social media accounts and I check them regularly, but I almost never post things myself. Before this class the last and only time I had tweeted was in 2018, I haven’t posted on Instagram since 2017, and my Facebook has been all but abandoned since 2016. So I knew how to use twitter but making tweets was very much brand new. Over this process, I have found that I quite like twitter and the quick, simple, uncomplicated format that it allows for sharing thoughts and ideas. I have so far,…

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    Learning to Search: Using an RSS Reader

    Getting Started This week I started using the RSS feed Feedly. If you’re like me, you had absolutely no clue what an RSS feed or reader was, and if I’m honest it sounded very complicated and a little scary. Luckily, I could not have been more wrong! A RSS reader’s main purpose is to help organize and compile websites and blogs that you might be interested in. I used Feedly to do this and finding websites to follow was as simple as typing in a topic I was looking for. I started off with three pretty broad categories to organize the content that I was looking for: Classroom Ideas, Education,…

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    Harder than it Seams: Learning Project Week Two

    This week I jumped right into actually sewing. It was definitely more of a challenge than I expected it to be. I focused mostly on the simple stuff, learning the parts of my sewing machine and all of the terminology that goes with it, and then I moved on to practicing a very simple straight stitch. I used the following video to get me started. It was extremely helpful, it laid out where everything is, how to thread my machine, and how to make a simple and useful item to practice my sewing with! Major Mistakes and a Bump in the Road For the first few minutes, everything was going…

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    And Sew it Begins: Learning Project Week One

    Getting Started This week, I got started on learning how to sew! It is something I have always wanted to try, but never seriously committed to learning. I have done a fair amount of hand sewing throughout my life, mending holes or fixing buttons every now and again, but I have never used an actual sewing machine to make something new. My Grandma has done a lot of sewing over the years and she taught each of her four children the basics, so this year she gifted a sewing machine to each of our families. I figured there was no better time than now to get started on this journey!…

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    Beginning my Blog

    Learning to Blog: Trial and Error Welcome to my first true blog post! I’ve posted a few things here and there on this site throughout my last four years of education, but this is the first time I’m really getting in to the spirit of blogging. Even with the (very minimal) experience I have with blogging, I am still a bit intimidated by the whole format, so I’m trying my very best to keep an open mind. Despite that, I am diving in head first and going to give this my best shot! I am a little bit social media adverse so even though blogging has always been intriguing to…